What do you have to spend on a new shotgun for serious clay competition? £2,000? £2,500? That was the entry level price, but now there’s a contender at little more than half the cost, and with a good solid British name to boot: the Webley & Scott Pro Comp.

Dan Bibb of Shooting Sports UK stocks the range in his shop at Oakedge Shooting Ground in Staffordshire. He’s excited to offer customers guns with all the features they need, at prices from as little as £1,250.

“Webley & Scott have really thought about these guns,” he says. He’s particularly impressed with the adjustable stock version, which sells for £1,350. “There’s a massive amount of adjustment in this stock, not just the comb but the butt pad will slide up and down too. Plus there’s a counterbalance weight that will move forward or back, which is a good feature.”

The wood stock model still offers an adjustable comb, and both guns have an ergonomic ‘glove’ grip, adjustable trigger, multichokes and steel proof. “All in all it’s a very versatile gun for not a lot of money,” Dan concludes.

See the full range of guns at ShootingSportsUK.co.uk

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