You can spend £10,000-plus on a competition sporting over-and-under shotgun, but for a fraction of that price Yildiz offer its value Pro Black, offering all the basic sporting features.

“The range starts at £1,349 for a grade 3 non-adjustable model, with the adjustable version selling at £1,899,” explains Richard Ryan of Yildiz importers Raytrade. “There’s nothing at that price point to touch it. It really is an awful lot of gun for the money.”


The Yildiz Pro Black Sporter shotgun in its box

“In the past people have been a bit shy of Turkish-made guns, but Yildiz have been on the scene for a long time,” he adds. “Their guns are absolutely bombproof and come with a five-year warranty from new.”

This is not one of them, but the SPZ ME range of Yildiz shotgun has a growing following among British shooters. In Fieldsports Channel’s research, viewer Paul from the UK rates his SPZ ME five stars for looks, reliability and value for money. He uses it for pest control. Chris from the UK uses his for clays and gives it five stars for reliability and value for money, and four stars for looks.

The Pro Black is built around a shallow Boss-style steel action.

“It’s a grown-up gun, and absolutely gorgeous in the hand, with a nice palm swell,” Richard enthuses. “The trigger is pretty decent, certainly for a gun at this price. The lock-up is gorgeous, and it’s steel proofed which is becoming more important these days.”


Richard Ryan from Raytrade with the Yildiz Pro Black Sporter

The Pro Black comes with 28, 30 or 32in barrels, with multichokes as standard. A fixed choke option is available, although most people go for the multichoke option.

“It’s very much a customisable gun, with the option of a wood upgrade, a different finish or engraving.”

Richard adds they are bringing out a more game-focused model with fixed chokes at half and half, with an eye on the growing use of steel loads in the future.

The wood on Yildiz guns is renowned for its quality. The secret, says Richard, is that Yildiz owns around 90% of the walnut groves in Turkey, so the company has the pick of the best wood.


That nice high quality walnut

“A grade 4 stock on a Yildiz could easily pass for grade 5 or 6 elsewhere – no one would argue with you. It really is a wonderful gun, not at all what people expect from a Turkish gun, especially at this price.”

For more, speak to Raytrade Yildiz dealers in the UK or visit Yildiz

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