The latest variation of the Yildiz SPZ ME is the Steel Sporter Black, which retails at under £1,000.

“This is very much the SPZ ME but with a steel action,” says Richard Ryan from Raytrade. “Benefits? it will take some very heavy punishment. Anyone looking to cope with a lot of shooting will want that extra weight for recoil absorption.”

The look of the shotgun is “understated,” he says, compared to some of the others in the range. It has a fine plain black finish.

The SPZ ME range of Yildiz shotgun has a growing following among British shooters. In Fieldsports Channel’s research, viewer Paul from the UK rates his SPZ ME five stars for looks, reliability and value for money. He uses it for pest control. Chris from the UK uses his for clays and gives it five stars for reliability and value for money, and four stars for looks.

“This particular model is new this game season,” says Richard. “Those looking for a good all-round gun… what’s not to like?”

For more, speak to Raytrade Yildiz dealers in the UK or visit Yildiz

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