Yildiz SPZ ME – review


Lightweight but strong and steel-proofed sums up the SPZ ME range by Turkish gunmaker Yildiz. Richard Ryan from Raytrade, which imports the Yildiz to the UK, says shooters shouldn’t be fooled by the grade 2 wood, accidentally revealing a company secret.

“We have some stunners there – and some of them end up in a staff’s gun safe rather than on the shelves,” he says.

Eastern promise: these guns last


It’s not just the Turkish walnut – and price at £599 (non-ejectors £499) – that are attractive about the SPZ ME. In Fieldsports Channel’s research, viewer Paul from the UK rates his SPZ ME five stars for looks, reliability and value for money. He uses it for pest control. Chris from the UK uses his for clays and gives it five stars for reliability and value for money, and four stars for looks.

Pretty engraving: the triggerguard


“Five-year warranty on an alloy action gun is something not anyone else in fact will offer to give because most alloy actions guns just won’t take it – these will,” says Richard. “Absolutely bombproof bit of kit.”

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