Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II – review

  If you want to know what scope a competitive shooter uses to hit targets accurately, ask Ben Mcilwaine. He’ll tell you it’s the Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II. Bushnell says it’s the scope “that’s been to the podium at the King of 2 Miles” and countless precision rifle matches – often in the hands […]

Spyderco Bow River knife – review

  Phil Wilson enjoys fishing and riding dirt bikes along California trails, when he’s not working at his knife shop, crafting new tools. He’s been designing high-quality custom blades since 1985. Wilson designed Spyderco’s Bow River knife, which is perfect for the “budget conscious adventurer”, according to Andrew Isherwood of Edgar Brothers, who adds that […]

Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Deluxe reloading kit – review

  How many times have you asked yourself whether you want to dine out or at home? You’re still going to have food, but there’s something satisfying about eating a meal you spent the effort cooking. The same goes for bullets. There’s also the extra cofidence it gives you. Factory ammunition will kill a deer […]

Yildiz SPZ ME Steel Sporter Black – review

  The latest variation of the Yildiz SPZ ME is the Steel Sporter Black, which retails at under £1,000. “This is very much the SPZ ME but with a steel action,” says Richard Ryan from Raytrade. “Benefits? it will take some very heavy punishment. Anyone looking to cope with a lot of shooting will want […]


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