Commercial terms & conditions

Filming work Unless otherwise arranged, we will deliver a finished film, based on a charging rate of our day-rate plus expenses. Please remember that filming is easy – editing is the tricky bit. Typically, half a day’s filming requires a full day’s editing. Through our film, viewers will see your products/services in a positive, upbeat light. They […]

Roy Lupton

A true broadcasting gem, Roy Lupton can turn his hand to a huge variety of fieldsports, from falconry to foxshooting. Following his appearances on Fieldsports Channel, he now writes the foxshooting column for Sporting Shooter magazine. He carries out deer and pest control on ground across the Home Counties and is a constant and reliable […]

Mark Gilchrist

One of the most popular faces in fieldsports, Mark started both shooting and cooking when he was just seven years old and this passion has spawned Game For Everything. Mark’s unique knowledge of the whole process of preparing game: shooting, skinning, butchering and cooking, has led to an international demand for his services and much […]

George Digweed

The trouble with having George Digweed on your website is that you keep having to change his write up as he wins yet another world championship. It is 26 at the time of writing. He has dominated the world of Sporting and FITASC shooting across four decades. He is also a keen pheasant, pigeon and […]

Dom Holtam

The editor of Sporting Shooter magazine has been incredibly generous with his time helping to make films for Fieldsports Channel. He used to be editor of Performance Car and provides both sporting vehicle and shooting kit reviews. He always has the latest equipment to show us – and an engaging way of putting the information […]

‘The antidote to Countryfile’

‘The antidote to Countryfile’

David Wright filming automatic rifles somewhere in the Nevada desert Fieldsports Channel started broadcasting on the Glorious 12th August 2009. Our first programme, Fieldsports Britain, is still going, years later. Hosted by Charlie Jacoby, it is a weekly 20-40 minute show about the best hunting, shooting and fishing. It goes out on YouTube at 7pm […]

Andy ‘Crowman’ Crow

A farm manager from Kent, Andy Crow is a dedicated pigeon shooter and deerstalker – indeed he is after any kind of cropmuncher. With a following from his articles in Sporting Shooter magazine, Andy is one of the stars of Fieldsports Channel, too. Always ready with banter, he is the ideal foil for Mark Gilchrist!


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