Charlie Jacoby
Fieldsports Channel presenter and co-founder (with David Wright), Charlie has been writing and broadcasting about countrysports for 25 years. Contact him at or tel: +44 7850 195353

David Wright
Fieldsports Channel news presenter, co-founder (with Charlie Jacoby), and our main film maker.

Andy Crow
A farm manager from Kent, Andy Crow is a dedicated pigeon shooter and deerstalker – indeed he is after any kind of cropmuncher. With a following from his articles in Sporting Shooter magazine, Andy is one of the stars of Fieldsports Channel, too.

Tim Pilbeam
Star of our series Rucksack & Rifle, Tim is our go-to man for intrepid overseas hunting trips.

Roy Lupton
A true broadcasting gem, Roy Lupton can turn his hand to a huge variety of fieldsports, from falconry to foxshooting. He carries out deer and pest control on ground across the Home Counties and is a constant and reliable source of stories about fieldsports.

Paul Childerley
A champion kickboxer, Paul Childerley is one of the UK’s top sporting agents, with ground across the South of England. He is a well known deerstalker with ties to Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, Sako rifles and Shooterking clothing. Find out more at

Niall Rowantree
Niall leads the sporting management and is passionate about deer. He has over 30 years experience in the industry and has managed the Ardnamurchan deer herd for over 20 years.

Jason Doyle
Our face of Fieldsports Ireland. Jason is a keen shot with rifles, shotguns and cameras. He self-films a lot of his adventures!

Cai Ap Bryn
Cai Ap Bryn is a passionate chef, hunter and director of Game and Flames, his well-known catering company.

Ollie Williams
Made famous by his appearance on the UK TV show Love Island, Ollie runs the Cornish Sporting Agency, offering stalking and gameshooting in Cornwall, and big game hunting and fishing worldwide. Visit

Rich Leonard
The host of our shows Fieldsports Africa and African hunter.

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