Gun auctions review 2021

Why buy a gun at auction? how? and what gun? If those are your questions, this is the right page for you. 

Our gun experts Diggory Hadoke from and Bill Harriman from BASC and the BBC Antiques Roadshow offer the answers. First, here’s Diggory on the joy of buying at auction.

Need to show off your crowd control credentials? There’s a duck’s foot pistol for sale at Wilson55 auctions on 25 February 2021, says Bill. Lot 4A dates from around 1810 and estimate from £3,500 to £4,500.

Stroud Auctions‘ 4 March 2021 sale has guns in it. Diggory chooses his favourite lots. First up is a John Dickson & Son 14-bore muzzleloader that you can buy without a licence, estimate £500-£800. 

Here’s what he has to say:

Plus he likes a BSA .22LR Martini underlever action rifle from before First World War, guided at £30-£50. It has a sling fitted to it plus scope mounts and a modern telescopic sights, so you can use it like a modern rifle – and it’s satisfactorily accurate, says Diggory.  

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