Vinnie Jones goes shooting

A Hollywood star who loves his hunting and shooting: Vinnie Jones takes his mates to the home of East Anglian bird shooting, Six Mile Bottom. They are on a simulated game day, shooting clay pigeons that fly at them like real pheasants and partridges. They also shoot clay targets including running rabbits, grouse and duck. […]

Spanish guns, Spanish birds, English shoot

We are not shooting just any game birds today. These are Spanish red-legged partridge and we’re in Suffolk to discover why they are over here and if they are any better than the French red-legged partridge we know and love. The day has an all together continental feel, even though the shoot is congregating in […]

Fieldsports Britain – Vinnie Jones – shooting/hunting legend

Fieldsports Britain – Vinnie Jones – shooting/hunting legend

We go shooting with Vinnie Jones. It’s a beautiful simulated game day at the home of East Anglian shooting, Six Mile Bottom. Vinnie has guests – son Aaron Jones is there – shooting a variety of targets including running rabbits, grouse, duck and pheasants. And you’ll get all the top Vinnieisms. That’s not all. there’s […]


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