Pistol Shooting – Sight Picture

Pistol Shooting – Sight Picture

If you want to shoot pistols straight, you have to produce a ‘sight picture’. That’s a view of the target with sights aligned and pointed at the correct spot, plus having the right things in focus. Iron Plate Action Shooting (IPAS) shot Steve Taylor is at the range at Ronnie Sunshines to explain how to […]

Silencing Airguns

How to add baffles to your airgun silencer to make it even quieter. Tony Belas of airgun manufacturer Daystate explains the thinking behind a new moderator ‘shroud’ technology from Huggett. For more about Daystate, visit www.daystate.com For more from Huggett, go to www.huggettprecisionproducts.co.uk This item appears in AirHeads, episode 13. To watch the whole show […]

Hawke Airmax EV 4-12×50 AO – review

Hawke Airmax EV 4-12×50 AO – review

Airgunner and Airgun World technical editor Phill Price needed a new scope for his new Daystate Regal. He explains why he opts for the Hawke Airmax EV 4-12×50 AO. Phill talks through the reasons why he feels it’s a wise buy for someone looking for some decent glass that’s under £100. This item appears in […]

Tell us Ted – Best Calibre for Pests?

The mighty Ted of Ted’s Holdover is rightly considered the greatest airgunning YouTuber in the world. We go to him with some of the burning airgun questions of the day – and he pronounces. In this item, its the best calibre for pest control…. Ted Has Spoken. This item appears in AirHeads, episode 13. Watch […]

Beautiful back garden pest control – Slo Mo

Airgun expert James Marchington is getting some extraordinary images of British wildlife using his garden as a free drive-though restaurant. Within minutes of setting up a new bait station, he attracts a jay and a robin but what he’s really after is a squirrel. When one obliges James talks us through his well placed head […]


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