Fishing Britain – Light Tackle Meat Eaters

Light Tackle Meat Eaters – Fishing Britain, episode 26

The Producer has walked out!!… from behind the camera to see if he has what it takes to be a fisherman. Aaron and Hywel spend 24hrs hunting for pike on both river and lake and in the dead of night they try fishing with LEDs and even try for a couple of sea trout. Can […]

24hr Pike Race

24 hrs to catch a pike for a fisherman may seem like an easy task, but for a camera man with a fishing rod, reel, a bucket of rubber fish and weird lures it’s an alien experience for a cameraman – for it is our redoubtable cameraman Aaron who is doing the fishing. Starting on […]

LRF: a new trend in fishing

LRF: a new trend in fishing

George Cunningham from Tronix Pro is down on the South Coast with some light gear and jelly worms in his hands. A great spot for some LRF or Light Rock Fishing. He answers the question of what is LRF? And shows us how to set up a drop shot rig, how to hook on a […]

Antique Fly Fishing Hoard – Fishing Britain CSI Tackle

Jason Lewis from the Royalty Fishery has a unique and incredible collection of antique fishing tackle and this week he shows us his antique fly hoard dating back to the 18th century. Including salmon and trout flies designed by Baden-Powell called the prismatic fly made with fine strands of dyed gut. He also shows us […]


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