Deer + Fox Shooting: Return of Roy of the Roe

Roy’s back, and he’s out after roebuck and fox. He has been cooped up with his breeding falcons these last four months, and has left lots of shooting unattended. Happily, the animals reward him by showing themselves. It’s a successful outing. This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 244. To watch the whole […]

Great Clay Grounds – EJ Churchill

Learn to shoot grouse and pheasants with Mark Marshall, chief instructor at EJ Churchill. One of the top shooting schools in the South of England, EJ Churchill is so much more:a championship clay ground, a gunmaker, a shop and even a sporting agent. For more, go to This item is part of Fieldsports Britain, […]

Fieldsports Britain – Roy Lupton: He’s Back

Fieldsports Britain – Roy Lupton: He’s Back

All your summer shooting sports in this week’s Fieldsports Britain: roestalking, foxshooting and a little light grouse practice on the finest clay pigeons. Roy Lupton is back on form after months in a shed raising birds of prey – he is out after roebuck and foxes. Mark Marshall, chief instructor at the EJ Churchill clay […]


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