Downton Does Grouse – Fieldsports Channel News

The headlines this week: ✩ Alnwick Castle stars in Christmas Downton Abbey special ✩ Tiger trade on the up ✩ Newspapers snipe at Prince William over hunting ✩ Jægernes julehjælp wows Danes ✩ American Kennel Club adds Sicilian rabbit hunting breed ✩ How to make a lighted shotshell wreath Stalking the stories – fishing for […]

Fieldsports Britain – Shooting a Christmas Goose

Dom Holtam is out to shoot a goose this Christmas – Andy has a problem with Canada geese hitting his crops. We have our Global Hunting Survey – take part and you could win lots of prizes! It’s the Fieldsports Britain 2014 blooper reel, featuring outtakes form a year of our programmes, including Roy’s laugh […]

Bloopers 2014

It’s the Fieldsports Britain bloopers/outtakes reel for 2014. Here’s where it all went wrong… This item appears in Fieldsports Britain, episode 265. To watch the whole show go to


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