Best hunting clip in 2016: vote

Outdoor news website is holding a Facebook competition for the best video clip of 2016. It has posted the top five. Leave a comment on their Facebook post with your vote for which is best.  

Nine-year-old girl ‘shamed’ for hunting

A girl who put a picture of her first deer on her T-shirt and wore it to school, was ‘shamed’ by her teacher. When 9-year-old Domonique Yatsko from north-east Ohio, USA, displayed the buck she shot on a T-shirt, her teacher said that “killing animals is not what we do”. Domonique was so upset, she […]

Digweed escapes tractor fire

Digweed escapes tractor fire

Top game shot and 26-times world champion George Digweed had a lucky escape when his tractor caught fire. George was mowing maize at the shoot when the machine burst into flames. He got out in time before the whole thing went up in flames. Commenting on Facebook, his wife Kate says: “Thank God George is […]

Cornish anti shoots at hunt

Cornish anti shoots at hunt YouTube, Jeremy Clarkson on a shoot – photo, Packham gets his birds in a twist – Twitter, Bird table raider – YouTube, News is sponsored by Baleno


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