Airstreaming – USA vs UK

Airstreaming showcases the best airgun films on YouTube. This week, Ted’s Holdover is highlighting the difference between the US and the UK, SquirrelHunter is after corvids, and HuntersVermin is out after rabbits with his trusty (rusty?) springer. Here are the links to the films: HuntersVermin Justin HampshireExtremeTv Ted’s HoldOver BumblefootFilms Replica […]

Air Pistol Tips – Eyeware & Holsters

IPAS shooter Steve Taylor explains that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get into shooting sports. Using the range at Ronnie Sunshines he talks through holsters and eye ware. This item appears in AirHeads, episode 16. To watch the whole show go to It is sponsored by Ronnie Sunshines. Visit

Stalking fallow does in Sussex

Now when you’re trying to impress dinner guests it can be nice to serve up a bit of game. At Buxted Park Hotel they’re hosting a kill-it-cook-it-eat-it evening. The trouble is at the moment the 15 diners are going to have to fight over a small rabbit. They call in Roy Lupton, late in the […]

Shooting Politics, episode 14, 12th May 2010

Foxes, pigeons and deer: it’s a gamekeeper’s diary. We’re going behind the scenes at the popular Gamekeepers’ Diary series of DVDs. In our half-hour weekly programme, Essex keeper Geoff Garrod takes us pigeon shooting, fox shooting and deerstalking, as well as showing us around the estate he keepers. Geoff has strong views on the antis, […]

Vinnie films with his own rifle

Most actors who use guns in films  get issued them by an armourer. Not Vinnie Jones. Gamekeeper’s son Vinnie is filming London Calling – and he gets to use his own rifle, a WInchester 44. The film is about British businessmen laundering money via oil in the Appalachian region of the USA. It is filming […]


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