Australian shooters face a duck ban, because Australian scientists are too incompetent to find any duck. The nation’s key waterbird survey, the Eastern Australian Waterbird survey, shows how drought has drained eastern Australia wetlands of water and bird life. Waterbird survey team co-ordinator Professor Richard Kingsford says: “I don’t know where the birds are.” However, […]

Shooters pay for wader conservation

Shooters are protecting more wildlife habitat. A Humber wildfowling club has secured a £100,000 loan to create a wetland oasis for waders, including redshanks, grey plover and curlew. Barton On Humber Wildfowlers Club will turn 16 acres of arable farmland into a thriving wetland habitat after securing the loan from the Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust […]

Prince William speaks out against poaching

Prince William has, once again, lammed into the illegal wildlife trade. A new film, The Last Animals, shows the prince discussing the deaths of rangers trying to protect elephants and rhinos. It is already working. China has reversed a controversial decision to lift a 25-year-old ban on the use of tiger and rhino parts in […]


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