Pro gun fit – Smokin’ Targets with Ben Husthwaite

Where do you put your gun stock on your shoulder? Top Shot Ben Husthwaite explains the mysteries of gun fit, how fitting the shotgun to your shoulder properly can help you achieve medal success in clayshooting and raise your game on the pigeons, pheasants and grouse. ▶ Smokin’ Targets is sponsored by Gamebore ▶ […]

Shooting geese in the Netherlands

We join a Dutch pest controller for a morning’s goose shooting. In a country where they even gas geese outside airports, we are after a range of birds, including Egyptians, Canadas, greylags and barnacles. ▶ For more about Igor’s magazine, go to ▶ Find out more about the UK’s general licences chaos at […]

Fieldsports Britain – How the Dutch cope with general licences

As the UK general licences chaos continues, we go to the Netherlands to see how they shoot pest birds there. We join shooters Igor Timmermans and Bastian Maris on a morning after Canada, Egyptian, greylag and barnacle geese. It’s just across the water from the UK but completely different rules. Meanwhile, top shot Ben Husthwaite […]


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