Fieldsports Britain – Crow does Argentina

Pigeon expert Andy Crow tries out dove shooting in Argentina. It’s massive. Millions – maybe hundreds of millions of birds throng Cordoba, feasting on crops of maize, sorghum and peanuts. Andy is in a prime position to shoot as many as he can. But how does this measure up to the humble English woodie? Crow […]

Doves vs Woodpigeons – Andy Crow’s in Argentina

  Which is best? A big day decoying and shooting British woodpigeons or a monster day roost-shooting Argentinean doves? Andy Crow travels to Cordoba and back to Kent to to find out. Thanks to Jack Pyke for making this happen To go shooting with with Frontera wing shooting, visit    

What will happen to the 2020 shooting season in the UK?

    To shoot or not to shoot is the dilemma facing a game industry under lockdown. “No one knows whether to go ahead or to cancel,” says James Crowther of Upperwood Estate, talking about uncertainty among shoot organisers. The 2020 shooting season starts with grouseshooting on the Glorious 12th August 2020. Grouse are wild […]

South Somerset Ferreters’ 2019 season

Dramatic footage of ferreting – and fun approach to the sport marks the South Somerset Ferreters’ YouTube channel. You should subscribe on YouTube. In this film, our YouTube member and shareholder Jaf Jefferson reviews the 2019 season, lets us use some of that footage and talks about problems facing the UK’s rabbit population, including myxomatosis […]

Hedgerow food you can pick: pilewort and pennywort

Going for your daily walk? Bushcraft expert Jonny Crockett has a couple of plants you can pick and eat: lesser celandine or pilewort and centella or pennywort. Follow Jonny’s instructions: eat pennywort raw and pilewort cooked Jonny’s website is

HS2 rolls on – Fieldsports News, 8 April 2020

  Packham’s bid to save woodland derailed – Daily Mail and Gamekeepers left out of coronavirus relief – Fieldsports News Rewilders’ tree plans will release greenhouse gases – BBC Top airgun maker launches NHS fundraiser – Just Giving Cops called in after sheep slaughtered – Facebook Farmers can close footpaths – NFUOnline Vegans bully […]

Fear and fantasy: how officials use coronavirus to crack down on fieldsports

At a time when panic-buying could potentially lead to social disorder, the government has decided to target the very people who protect the nation’s supply of meat and crops. In Scotland, the refusal of local lawmakers to include gamekeepers and shooting-related businesses in a financial aid plan appears to have been the tip of an […]

DEFRA asks court to dismiss Wild Justice judicial review

DEFRA has asked a court to refuse Wild Justice’s request for a judicial review seeking to restrict gamebird releases. DEFRA has described the request as “vexatious” and “pointless” and is also asking to be awarded its costs. The government’s move has is being described as extremely positive news by four leading shooting membership organisations. DEFRA’s […]


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