Rabbiting with hounds – it’s legal!

Rabbiting with hounds – it’s legal!

Great rabbit hunting action: we’re out in West Somerset after rabbits with a trencher pack of any old dog we can find. Leave your guns behind. The rabbits live under brambles here – and that’s great news for the dogs. They flush them and they get after them – and it’s a great family day […]

SIG Sauer closes in Germany

The German gunmaker SIG Sauer is closing in Germany. SIG Sauer managing director Tim Castagne told employees at the plant in Eckernförde that economic problems means it will close. Reported by Germany online newspaper All4Shooters.com, around 130 employees will ‘be affected’ by the closure. SIG Sauer released this statement: The locational disadvantages in Germany for […]

Lockdown Britain goes on pet-buying spree, dog thefts increase

Demand for dogs during the UK lockdown hit new heights.Prices for mongrels soared, and some working pups have sold for more than £2,000 each.     Facebook users have been fuming at the extortionate prices, some claiming breeders are selling Dachshunds for £6,000. Meanwhile, lockdown has not stopped dog thefts. These two male cocker spaniels […]


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