CNN pushes anti-hunting agenda with Trump sheep

CNN is ‘faking news’ in its efforts to attack hunting sports, say conservationists. In an article about Donald Trump Jr’s argali sheep-hunting trip to Mongolia in 2019, broadcaster CNN claims that trophy hunting is driving the argali sheep towards extinction. However, the IUCN says that the argali’s conservation status has nothing to do with regulated […]

Zoo plans to destroy its animals

  by Ben O’Rourke “I’d rather starve than watch these die,” Tracy Tweedy tells me inside the Snake House, one of the exhibits at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom. She calls herself an animal-lover, and now she is facing her worst nightmare. A lack of funds, a debt to HMRC, escaped animals, at least one animal […]

RSPB attacks pheasant shooting – Fieldsports News, 10 June 2020

Here are the links: RSPB ditches ‘rigorously neutral’ stance on pheasant shooting – Fieldsports News Springwatch slammed over owl – Fieldsports News Vegan vandal support site celebrates second coming – Fieldsports News Lockdown Britain overrun by pests – The Sun and our film here No deerstalking during lockdown could cost Scotland £9 million – Aberdeen […]

Fieldsports Britain – Crow hits the pigeons hitting the peas

  Just because most of the UK has been stuck indoors doesn’t mean work has to stop on British farms. Andy Crow faces a threat from lockdown-busting pigeons, which are eating the peas on his farm in Kent. He heads out with grandson Reagan and faithful lab Rosa to settle into pigeon hides for an […]

Family day on the pigeons – it’s Crowhow

  With the pigeons pouring into Andy Crow’s pea crop, it’s time to use local resources. That means members of the Crow family on lockdown are pressed into service, including young Regan the grandson. Crow sets up hides around the farm and lets fly at the birds. Andy is sponsored by: Blaser Jack Pyke […]

Yukon Photon XT – review

Jaf Jefferson talks about the Yukon Photon XT, its drawbacks and why he likes it, plus what he would like to see improved. Here is our film of the Photon XT in action Click here to go to the Fieldtester night vision and thermal front page


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