Trade Secrets: how one stalker set up a lockdown venison business

For Geoff’s business, go to’s Geoff’s checklist for a venison supply business in England:DSC1, though that may be about to change to DSC2 becoming the requisite for the Trained Hunter Exemption.Geoff is happy to send you his HACCP in exchange for a small donation to GWCT, Macmillan or RNLI. He produced it with the […]

Win a Ridgeline Monsoon shooting coat – Fieldsports Extra #158

▶ Trade Secrets: how to set up a stalking business ▶ How to enter Fieldsports Nation competitions: For members on YouTube, Patreon and Facebook simply comment with your answer in the description below the film. For those of you who joined the Fieldsports Nation direct through our website, you’ll need to email with […]

Shooters launch the Free Church of Country Sports With the protections you get from being a religion, one group of shooters wants to find 8,000 people who will agree to join the Free Church of Country Sports in time for the 2021 Census. Inspired by the vegans that successfully argued that veganism is a religion, the Action Against Antis Facebook group has […]

Stolen: the first 600 of Webley’s new airgun combo

If you are offered a Webley Nemesis Combo air rifle by a private seller, be aware it may be stolen property. Thieves are thought to be using a WhatsApp group to sell 600 of the newly-launched Nemesis airguns that they took from a lorry in a layby. The guns were in transit from their port […]