Cheshire sabs nicked – Fieldsports News, episode 636 Here are the links: Cheshire sabs in the dock – Leicestershire Police Gamekeeper kills two buzzards – NatureScot punishes curlews for dead hen harrier – BBC + Fieldsports Channel goes shooting at Lochan  Devon & Cornwall gun grab appeal – Fieldsports News + Paul Cox’s fundraiser  British Shooting show fills up – […]

Fieldsports Britain – stalking kit special

Cai Ap Bryn has a mission in mind and a lot of kit to help him do it. He is after a fallow or two for the larder to feed his hungry clients this summer. To help him out, he has a deer carcase backpack, a deer skinning machine and even a new pair of […]

Zimbabwean ambassador to the USA speaks up for hunting As Lord Zac Goldsmith tries to push through a ban on trophy imports to the UK, which would effectively be a ban on hunting tourism in countries across the world, people from those countries are speaking up against him. One of the more important voices is the Zimbabwean ambassador to the United States, Tadeus […]


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