Quail hunt mind scramble

www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUnPyn9SyaI It’s explosive sport. Quail burst from almost under your feet and streak off in all directions. You have to pick your birds carefully, and be quick if you want to shoot them. Charlie goes quail hunting in Florida with Fieldsports Nation supporter James Schneider.   To go hunting on this estate, visit SilverLakePreserve.com More from […]

Driven pheasant shooting from a wheelchair

www.youtube.com/watch?v=UapuQF-oyyA JP Gaudin is an inspiration. He shoots from a wheelchair, following a motorbike accident. He is a wonderful advertisement for driven gameshooting. Today, James Marchington joins him at Belvoir Castle for an end-of-season pheasant and partridge day.   Find JP’s channel, The Seated Gun, on YouTube  Click here for more about the Miroku MK60 […]

Fieldsports Britain – the Seated Gun

www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq7JtKAO-sc How do you shoot sitting down? Ask ‘The Seated Gun’. Jean-Paul Gaudin is the man behind the popular YouTube channel and he takes us on a driven pheasant day at Belvoir Castle to show us. Meanwhile, Charlie is enjoying a different kind of birdshooting in Florida. He is out with Fieldsports Nation supporter James […]

Hunting trophies: more fashionable than Zac Goldsmith would like

youtu.be/CtvSfaxuAxA by Deborah Hadfield A rare auction of taxidermy items including endangered animals spotlights the issue of hunting tourism. It begs the question: are trophies tainted or treasures? Boris Johnson and Zac Goldsmith are convinced people should hate trophies. They’re determined to ban imports of them to the UK, and are introducing an ‘Animals Abroad’ […]

Where are we on lead shot?

by Deborah Hadfield  Where are we on lead shot? A study by Cambridge University, reported in the Guardian, finds that 99.5% of 215 pheasants killed with shotgun pellets contain lead. In 2020, BASC and other shooting groups agreed that shooters in England would phase out lead shot over a five-year period after they agreed there […]

Police seize guns from two shooting friends

youtu.be/nxttOfnvc6Y by Charlie Jacoby Among the many stories of good, ordinary shooters losing their guns to Devon & Cornwall Police’s gun grab, the story of Tom Wyndham Smith and Arthur Harvey is one of the nastiest. Four armed police turned up at Tom’s home in Cornwall in August 2021. They said there had been complaints […]

Anti-gun Westminster MP puts up anti-gun bill

A Plymouth MP is reacting to the tragic Keyham shootings in August 2021 by introducing a bill to ban pump-action guns.  Plymouth Sutton and Devonport MP Luke Pollard introduced the Firearms and Hate Crime Bill to Parliament on 2 March 2022. If made law, it would prohibit the keeping of pump-action firearms in homes, with […]

Scotland’s hunting with dogs disaster

by Deborah Hadfield The League Against Cruel Sports has introduced a Hunting with Dogs bill for Scotland to replace the law it wrote in 2002. LACS now says its 2002 law has failed. The Scottish Countryside Alliance says the new rules have many of the same poblems as the old rules. It says the Scottish […]


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