The gunshop YouTuber who hunts Russians by Deborah Hadfield The hunting season in Ukraine runs from September until February. Ukrainians and overseas hunters stalk wild boar, deer and mouflon. Bear hunting is restricted. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, hunters in Ukraine have seen their season extended, with just one quarry in their sights: Russians. Taras Oliynik […]

Epic goose shooting

It is one of the most exciting goose hunts in the world. Sweden has a massive goose pest problem, and Wayne Martin from the UK, plus Hunter Brothers Paul and Gerold Reilmann from Germany are here to shoot the birds. They have the help of Aimpoint, which has fitted their semi-autos with S1 red dot […]

Fieldsports Britain – Wayne goes goose Geese are coming in low and fast. Wayne Martin is disguised as a giant swan, lying in a field in Sweden, at dawn. He has a semi-auto mounted with an Aimpoint S1 red dot sight. It’s going to be a great day’s goose shooting. Find out how he and the Hunter Brothers get on. […]

The RSPB – never mind the birds, give us the money

The RSPB stands accused of ‘forgetting the birds’ – chasing money and political power instead of ‘saving’ birds as its members and donors fondly imagine. With an annual income of more than £140,000,000, should the RSPB be held accountable for its use of taxpayers’ money and donations from well-meaning bird lovers? And if it fails […]


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