Bluefin tuna are back 🐟 and anglers are keeping it that way

by Deborah Hadfield Anglers are spotting huge numbers of bluefin tuna off the coast of Britain. The magnificent fish swim thousands of miles to British waters from as far away as America. They migrate vast distances in shoals as they follow the food. In recent years they’ve returned to the seas around the British Isles, […]

Police want shooters to report mental health issues

by Deborah Hadfield Feeling depressed? A new campaign in Scotland aims to encourage gun owners to report mental health issues and hand in their guns. The message from the Scottish Association of Country Sports (SACS) and others is that public safety is more important than gun ownership. The Scottish Firearms Licensing Practitioners Group is putting […]

Will bird flu cost gamekeepers’ jobs? by Deborah Hadfield Nearly 100 gamekeepers may have already lost their jobs as a result of bird shortages caused by bird flu in France, redundancy figures from the National Gamekeepers Organisation suggest. That figure is disputed by Chris Horne of GunOnPegs, however. He has surveyed 700 shoots and says that, while 13 per cent […]

Hunting wild boar 🐗 on foot at night Thermal is a game-changer for wild boar hunters. British boar hunter Paul Donegani is out after pigs in Portugal and tries out the latest kit from Infiray.  The team are using TH50 thermal scope and TD50L night vision. Find the Infiray Tube TD50L night vision scope on Kitfinder Find the Infiray Tube TH50 thermal […]

Fieldsports Britain – thermal boar hunt Wild boar are difficult to hunt at night – until you have the latest thermal and night vision, that is. British boar hunter Paul Donegani heads for Portugal to try out a range of thermal and night vision kit from Infiray. Meanwhile, Geoff Garrod is on the pigeons in the latest in his Gamekeepers’ […]


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