King of the castle – British Open Sporting Champion 2022 Who is the top Sporting clay shot in Britain? James Marchington reports from Barbury Shooting School in Wiltshire, where the nation’s top clayshooters are battling to become king of the castle, and win the prestigious British Open English Sporting title. The British Open is a tough one which isn’t won by someone who’s just […]

Fieldsports Britain – Britain’s best sporting shot Who is the top sporting clayshooter in Britain? James Marchington reports from the British Open Sporting Championship at Barbury in Wiltshire, where 1,250 clayshooters compete for the coveted title, in a gruelling three-stage battle. The firearms licensing system is broken, maybe it’s time to scrap it and start again. We look at the options […]

Ollie Williams hunts Mandela’s favourite: blesbok

If it’s good enough for Nelson Mandela, it’s good enough for Ollie Williams. He is stalking blesbok in Africa with the trainee professional hunters from the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School. For more about the school, visit For Ollie’s sporting agency and to book hunting in Africa, go to More films from Ollie […]

BASC firearms licensing overhaul by Deborah Hadfield It’s time to scrap the existing gun certificate system across England and Wales and replace it with another.  That’s the conclusion of a BASC review that included a series of Freedom of Information requests to find out the scale of the crisis that firearms licensing faces. In a new report, BASC […]


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