Windowcleaning gundogs Working a gundog to flush game, says top trainer Dave Templar, is like windowcleaning. You want your dog to wipe the cover in front of you  in the same action a windowcleaner uses to wipe glass. He is training a cocker to get ready for a field trial, the ultimate test of a dog’s […]

Stalking secretive Scottish sika Helen Tinner continues her mission to shoot all six species of wild deer found in the UK. This time, she is out after a sika stag, near Biggar in the Scottish Borders. Using all the skills she has learned as a stalker so far, Nathan Whitehead guides her into animals in forestry.       For […]

Fieldsports Britain – hide and sika It’s all about difficult deer and easy pheasants this week. Helen Tinner is in the Scottish borders after a sika stag. With guide Nathan Whitehead, they put in the hours to get close to an animal in forestry. Dave ‘the Dog’ Templar steps up to describe gundog training for a field trial, and how […]

RSPB lies and the language of hate

The RSPB president says that shooters are ‘subhuman’, a senior RSPB official tells lies about raptor persecution to a live audience, and the RSPB ‘bird crime’ report is a catalogue of hate speech aimed at gamekeepers. Deborah Hadfield talks to Andrew Gilruth of the Regional Moorland Group, Ian Danby of BASC and Gary McCartney of […]


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