Injured buffalo charges hunter

Explosive action as British big game hunter Paul Childerley hunts buffalo in the Mozambique bush. He finds out about poaching, poisoning and just how dangerous a cornered Cape buffalo can be. For the new Sako 100, and the Sako Powerhead Blade,  go to To learn about Aimpoint’s sights, go to To experience buffalo-hunting […]

Fieldsports Britain – Paul and David face dangerous game

Paul and David are on the trip of a lifetime in Mozambique, coming close to death by buffalo. They remain intrepid. They are there to find out just how important is  big game hunting to Africa? They discover how their hunt feeds the local community and conserves wildlife. Meanwhile, comedians and politicians in the UK […]

Top prof says why animal rights extremists are wrong about trophy hunting

Professor Adam Hart speaks up for hunting tourism. He is one of the few British academics brave enough to support regulated trophy hunting. Science says that hunting tourism works for wildlife – but the professor’s support for it draws abuse from anti-hunting academics. For celebrities such as chimpanzee expert Dr Jane Goodall, who used to […]

Anti-hunting hate campaign – Fieldsports News, 30 November 2022

Here are the links: Antis brand hunter a serial killer in hate campaign – Fieldsports News Antis lose fight to ban English boxing day hunt – Countryside Alliance Natural Resources Wales is branded ‘wasteful’ – Countryside Alliance RSPB fails to prevent hen harriers reintroduction –  Natural England Game meat celebrated at Welsh Senedd– Countryside Alliance […]


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