Why Henry Smith MP’s trophy imports bill is already obsolete.

youtu.be/Wg_zdppx9eg by Deborah Hadfield Would you like a lion in your living room? You won’t be breaking any laws if you do – not even the upcoming private member’s bill by MP Henry Smith in Westminster to ban the import of hunting trophies.  These lions are flawless, realistic fakes. They can be designed to be […]

Epic African carp fishing

www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGRtNccwrjQ Charlie is fishing for carp on the fly in South Africa. He is on the Vanderkloof Dam, one of the biggest bodies of water in southern Africa, where the carp herd to the edge of the lake to feast on caterpillars.   For fishing at Vanderkloof, visit Selous.co.za More fishing here:

Shooting foxes off a carp pond

www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPKCqaf2jo0 Foxes eat all manner of wildlife and rubbish. This is the first time that Paul Childerley has found them devouring koi carp from a carp pond. Armed with his Sako S20, he is out to discourage them.   For more about Sako, go to Sako.fi Find Paul on Instagram and Facebook  More from Paul:

How to renew your Fieldsports Nation Membership

If you sign up as an annual member of the Fieldsports Nation your membership will automatically renew each year, unless you select otherwise or choose to cancel. Monthly subscriptions will renew automatically for 12 months and then you will need to sign up again.Renewing your membership is easy. You can do it from a desktop […]


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