Shooting Girl with an Afro

Nicole Moore’s happy place is shooting pigeons on the Cambridgeshire Fens in the rain. It’s not glamorous (plays havoc with the line lashes) but it makes for a delicious  supper for her and her dog, Harry. Find Nicole Moore on Instagram For more about Eley cartridges go to For Jack Pyke clothing see […]

How IFAW’s ‘Room to Roam’ project will lead to elephant attacks on people by Deborah Hadfield Elephants are big, beautiful but bad neighbours. In southern Africa, local people know how dangerous they can be.   Award-winning author Sue Tidwell, who wrote the book Cries of the Savannah, says they need to be managed because they can be destructive. She says: “They eat so much, and they cause a […]

Vermin Control Scotland – unfairly deleted Stuart speaks out about YouTube shutting down his channel YouTube has deleted a popular shooting channel. It took down Vermin & Pest Control Scotland, run by Stuart Blair, which put out films about shooting and pest control. He has had to start a new @VerminControlScotland channel, but loses the 6,500 subscribers he had built […]


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