India’s wildlife conflict problem – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 71 With children dying every week from an epidemic of human-wildlife conflict, the government of India knows it has to tackle the problem. It has to transition form preservation to conservation. But how? Four experts put forward their views: Dr MK Ranjitsinh, Dr HS Pabla, Rajeev Mathew and Latika Nath. For more on this story, […]

India is talking about tiger hunting With tiger and leopard attacks on country people out of control, a wildlife conference in India has introduced the topic of hunting tigers. More than 50 years of preserving tigers has brought the population to a new high. Now there are too many, and it’s time to swap preservation for conservation, say scientists. The […]

Sako 90 launch: first hunt, first moose Paul Childerley thinks he has been invited across to Sako’s HQ in Finland to hunt moose and whitetail, but there’s a surprise in store. He’s testing and hunting with the all new Sako 90 rifle in .308.  Before the hunt he spends a day on the range with journalists from across Europe where he […]

Welsh shooting consultation threat to rural way of life Deborah Hadfield A rural way of life under threat – politicians are targeting farming, shooting, land management and conservation. The Welsh government is calling the shots. People on the ground are rebelling. For 100s of years, farmer Gareth Wyn Jones’s ancestors have fought the elements on their hill farm in North Wales. Now Gareth […]


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