Crispi boots – the stalker’s favourite

Crispi boots are a favourite with hill stalkers and others who want dry, comfortable feet after a hard day’s walking in all kinds of terrain and undergrowth. Jane Keen of Cluny Country Store explains why the boots are proving so popular. “We stock the Crispi Hunter boots, which have been called ‘hill slippers’ by some […]

Wales plans backdoor shooting ban – Fieldsports News, 15 November 2023

Here are the links: Wales backdoor shoot ban – BASC Fieldsports writer’s guns seized – X (formerly Twitter) Scottish snare ban – Scottish Land and Estates and Rural mobile phone coverage – Countryside Alliance New DEFRA Secretary – Countryside Alliance Game meat for homeless – The Guardian Namibia won’t sign treaty – Avian flu […]

Airgun rat action with Terry Doe

Where there are chickens there are usually rats. That’s bad news for the owner of the fancy fowl, but great news for Terry Doe, former editor-in-chief of Airgun World, who has a load of new kit to deal with our pest problem. Unfortunately the quality of the image through the Infiray day/night scope and thermal […]

Fieldsports Britain – Cannibal rat shooting It’s a thermal bonanza this week. Airgun supremo Terry Doe is shooting cannibal rats around the chicken coops with the aid of an Infiray thermal spotter. Plus Robert Bucknell and his foxing-mad gamekeeper John are trying out the latest thermal gear from Pulsar. We’ve also got an update on new thermal spotters from HIK […]

Thermal foxshooting masterclass with Robert Bucknell

Essex foxshooter Robert Bucknell has got his hands on the latest thermal kit from Pulsar – the Telos XP50 monocular, and the binocular Merger, both with a built-in laser rangefinder. Robert and his gamekeeper, John, have been giving the units a thorough test in the field. John, who shoots 100 foxes a year with his […]

Steel shot should not force you to sell your old gun

Yes, that’s Nigel Farage. An evening with the Blacker family in Cornwall sees local shooters (and Nigel) bring in their guns for assessment. Bill Blacker and his sons Jim and Matt are among the foremost gunmakers and gunsmiths in the UK, and they advise on how to save your old gun and use it with […]


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