Fieldsports Britain – thermal drone deer count

We’re counting deer with a military spec thermal drone at Paul Childerley’s Bedfordshire estate, and following a ‘deer move’ cull operation. Will tiger hunting return? Charlie catches up on India’s move from big cat preservation to big cat conservation. Plus we talk to the authors of a guide to British gun law, Ian Hodge is […]

Raptor persecution almost zero – Fieldsports News, 29 November 2023 are the links: Raptor persecution almost zero BASC Missing golden eagle Scottish Land & Estates and Scottish Gamekeepers Association  Water woe for councils No change to general licences BASC Orston shooting ground for sale Savills GWCT raffle raises research cash Press release New Scottish law ‘leaves deer to die’ Scottish Gamekeepers Association French […]

Paul’s deer move day

Paul Childerley is organising a ‘deer move’ cull on his Bedfordshire estate to bring down the number of Chinese water deer and reduce damage to farm crops over the winter months. Elsewhere on the estate, this military spec thermal drone is helping to answer the tricky question of how many deer live in the UK. […]

The Firearms Law Handbook – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 87

Nick Doherty and Laura Saunsbury are the authors of the definitive book on British gun laws. The Firearms Law Handbook provides useful info for shooters, police firearms licensing officers, shops and gun ranges. The couple works in the UK during the week and live near Toulouse. Charlie Jacoby goes to meet them at their home […]

The best .410s for a young shot

The .410 is a great first shotgun for a youngster – and modern .410s are good quality, scaled-down versions of a full-sized over-and-under. Ian Hodge looks at two popular modern .410s: the KOFS and Webley & Scott game guns. He sells lots of these from his Cornwall and online gun shop, Ian Hodge Fieldsports. Click […]

15% off your first order at Wrecking Coast Distillery

Wrecking Coast Distillery using discount code FSTV The Wrecking Coast Distillery was born out of a passion for creating distinctive spirits that we enjoy. Spirits with a notable Cornish flourish. Spirits that make us proud to say “we made that”.All of our spirits are created, designed, produced and bottled in our distillery in North Cornwall. […]


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