Poll shows support for trophy hunting – Fieldsports News, 24 January 2024

youtu.be/wjDxIjpc9Nw Here are the links: Poll shows support for hunting tourism CIC-wildlife.org Farming protests ramping up Facebook and Facebook Muirburn meeting postponed BASC East Midlands Airport pollution FishLegal.net Fieldsports Nation members complete epic Atlantic row WorldsToughestRow.com and Instagram United Utilities common sense on shooting leases BASC Five years in jail for pet theft PetTheft.org.uk and Gov.uk Building […]

Fieldsports Britain – Glorious driven game

This week we’re celebrating driven pheasant, partridge and duck from one end of the UK to the other. Paul Childerley is hosting a ladies’ day at his shoot in Bedfordshire while, on the edge of the Cairngorms, Elliot Roberts is trying out the new Browning 525 Composite shotgun. Plus, in Fieldtester, James Head from Crackshot […]

Driven pheasants with the Browning 525 Composite

Browning shooter Elliot Roberts has got his hands on Browning’s brand new 525 Composite – and he’s taking it out at driven pheasants on the glorious Tillylair shoot, on the edge of Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park. This isn’t a typical driven game gun, but it’s Elliot’s first chance to try it out, and he’s keen […]

Ladies’ day at Childerley Sporting

With women making up less than 5% of shotgun certificate holders in the UK, Paul Childerley is on a mission to even the odds – he’s hosting a ladies’ driven partridge, pheasant and duck day on his shoot in Bedfordshire. The guns enjoy some quality shooting and a scrumptious lunch of venison from Paul’s estate, […]


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