Swarovski STC and ATC 17-40x compact spotting scopes

Traditional spotting scopes are heavy, bulky, and need a tripod to give the best results. Swarovski has launched two new lightweight, compact spotting scopes, the STC and ATC, with 17-40x magnification. Cluny Country’s Robbie Shedden says this means you can have high magnification on the move, transforming your stalking experience. More information at ClunyGuns.co.uk More […]

Fieldsports Britain – squirrel feeder of despair

Jaf Jefferson builds an industrial-sized feeder so he can make a dent in the squirrel population. Gunmaker Steve Horton has a new lead alternative – Hortonium. He visits Tim Pilbeam to show how it works on targets, pattern plate and clays. Cluny Country’s Robbie Shedden presents Swarovski’s latest lightweight spotting scopes. We’re raffling a shotgun, […]

Hortonium – the best lead alternative yet?

Birmingham gunmaker Steve Horton has come up with an alloy, made to a secret recipe, which he says is the best non-toxic alternative to lead in ammo. He has named it Hortonium. He visits Tim Pilbeam’s range in Sussex, and brings along some rifle and shotgun ammo loaded with his new material to try out […]

How to build the ideal squirrel shooting set-up

www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUFf7nGr9RI First it was the ‘bird-table of doom’, where Charlie lures in rats and squirrels to meet their doom, so he can protect local songbird populations. Now he has industrialised, enlisted the help of Jaf Jefferson from the South Somerset Ferreters and set about ridding a whole wood of grey squirrels. Jaf builds a feeder […]

Gun trade honours its own in London Proof House ceremony

The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers has issued new certificates honouring the work of the UK’s top gunmakers. In the first ceremony of its kind, held at the London Proof House, the master and officers of the Gunmakers, which received its royal charter in 1637, handed out certificates to the cream of British gunmaking. In one […]


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