PCP airgun outfit for under £500 – is it any good?

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Thinking of upgrading to a pre-charged pneumatic airgun? Good choice – but won’t that cost you something north of £1,000?

Not necessarily, says Matt Clay at Shooting Sports UK, the Staffordshire and online gun shop. He’s offering a complete PCP outfit for under £500.

It’s built around the Stoeger XM1, a smart, modern looking pre-charged air rifle that’s powerful and accurate enough for hunting as well as plinking and target shooting.

It comes with two magazines and a single-shot sled, and is fitted with a Stoeger 3-9×40 scope that is parallax adjustable down to 10 metres, making it ideal for ratting.

The gun has a moderator as standard, and comes in either .22 or .177 calibre. The blue pistol grip and butt pad spacer on the skeleton-style stock give it a stylish look, and the comb height is adjustable for a perfect fit.

The gun with scope and moderator sells for £299. “Add a three-litre air bottle and you’re set to go for under £500,” says Matt.

“I’ve set up a fair few of these for customers. They’re pretty easy to zero. I set them up at 15 yards and I can get pellet on pellet accuracy. For the money this combination is absolutely spot on.”

Check out the range of airguns and accessories at Shooting Sports UK.

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