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by James Marchington

There are a few digital day-night sights available nowadays, giving you the option of shooting from dawn to dusk and through to dawn again. That’s a massive help if you want to use the same rifle set-up, without needing to swap scopes and re-zero, or even buying a whole new rifle and sight for night shooting.

The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro has another valuable trick up its sleeve, however. Teamed up with ATN’s ABL or Auxiliary Ballistic Laser rangefinder, it will measure the distance to your target, and give you a secondary aiming mark on the reticle. Just pop the mark on the target and squeeze the trigger, knowing you’re perfectly zeroed for that precise range. No more guesswork about the distance, or how much to aim off.

ATN's Jason Jones demonstrates the combo on his .30 cal FX air rifle

ATN’s Jonathan Barton explains that the sight mounts to your rifle with conventional 30mm  scope rings. Essentially it’s a camera at the front, the electronic processing ‘brain’ in the middle, and a screen at the back.

It means you can shoot day or night without any add-ons, and also allows you to record photos or video, which you can view through the scope or download to your mobile phone.

“One of the big features for me, though, is the ballistic calculator,” he says. “You tell it your velocity and ballistic coefficient. Then if you pair that with the ABL unit, it will adjust the reticle for you, to match the point of impact.”

It doesn’t take away the human element, says Jonathan. “What it does, though, is really assist you in your hunting.”

The sight allows you to shoot day and night, working with the rangefinder to calculate the point of aim


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