Rural Reaction: new political party for the countryside by Charlie Jacoby It’s not just the opening of the pheasant-shooting season. New political party Rural Reaction launches on 1 October 2023. An event will take place near the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Rural Reaction aims to take on the Tories in their rural heartlands. After Boris Johnson’s 2019 manifesto abandoned the countryside, […]

Win BOG shooting sticks – Fieldsports Extra, episode 291

We are giving away BOG Death Grip shooting sticks priced at more than £200. Plus Ollie Williams talks about tuna fishing. James Davies Cooke says whey young shots are so important to game shooting and I go on a sim day with Fredercik Beesley gunmakers.This week’s prizes and other links:EdgeSport Hunting Combo Kit EdgeSport five-piece gut […]

Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival 2023 The Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival 2023 took place from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 September 2023 in Chichester Harbour and Hayling Island. Andy Ford guides us through The festival, based from the Langstone Quays Hotel, which aims to bring together likeminded anglers to forge new friendships, develop new skills and learn more about […]

Hunters’ chopper horror – Fieldsports News, 20 September 2023 Here are the links: Hunters’ helicopter terror Banks under pressure Feeding deer to lions appals antis Scots estates win conservation praise Angler lands lake monster catfish Coffey criticised Canada geese on White House lawn Sika nipple test

Golf course rabbit control

Nicole Moore, Instagram’s Shooting Girl with an Afro, has taken on rabbit control duties at a golf course close to her home in Norfolk, where the rabbits are causing terrible damage to the greens. She’s using a .22 Sako rifle, subsonic ammo, and she has got a new ATN X-Sight day/night scope so she can […]

Fieldsports Britain – hole in one rabbit Nicole Moore looks after the greens on a Norfolk golf course with a rifle. With night vision, she is out to make every putt count by controlling the rabbits that dig extra holes for the golfers. She explains the job, why the golfers like her and what she does with the rabbits afterwards. We’re […]

Win deer butchery kit – Fieldsports Extra, episode 290

We are giving away two deer butchery sets from Smith’s EdgeSport, including knives and sharpeners. Plus Ian Hodge asks the police round to his place, Richard Ryan showcases thermal, Nicole Smith has a rabbit recipe and Deborah Hadfield is shooting a feature film, that includes shooting.Muntjac Trading gundog training skirt EdgeSport hunting combo kitEdgeSport five-piece […]

Are we in danger of wiping out our deer? – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 80

The enthusiasm of British politicians for massacring British deer is starting to worry deer managers. Five guests on the stage of the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre in 2023 discuss the animal’s future in the  UK. They are deer experts Niall Rowantree and Martin Edwards, Mark Russell from Carter Jonas, whose clients deal with deer […]

Shooting Girl with an Afro – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 79 Pigeon shooter, game shot and deerstalker Nicole Moore comes to the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre 2023 to talk to Charlie Jacoby about her love of the countryside and shooting sports. She talks about what she gets judged for. Do you think it’s being black, being a woman or how she shoots? Find out […]

Firearms licensing: the police view – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 78

Three firearms licensing officers came to the stage of the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre in July 2023 to make the case to Charlie Jacoby for how well they are doing. You may agree or you may disagree with them. They are Chris Downs from the Metropolitan Police, Adrian Davis from Warwickshire Constabulary and Paul […]

British Open .410 Championship 2023 It’s Battle of the Gamekeepers at the 2023 .410 British Open Championship. Geoff Garrod from Essex goes up against his squad mate Paul Childerley from Bedfordshire. See who wins – and see who wins overall (clue: Olympic gold medallist Richard Faulds is shooting it this year).   For more about Browning guns see […]

Don’t go ‘nuclear’ with thermal deer control Scotland faces big changes in the way it manages deer. The government wants the animals gone, and is introducing nightshooting, thermal shooting and removing the season for stags. Deer managers are taking a more sensible approach. Niall Rowantree looks at the modern deerstalking toolkit, what damage deer do, and how to deal with that […]

Win £135-worth of Muck Boots – Fieldsports Extra, episode 287

Play Video We are giving away a £135 pair of Muck Boots’ newly-launched Calder boots this week. Plus, Niall Rowantree says why he has to use thermal, fieldsports Nation member Trevor Knowles says why he signed up, and Ian Bell and Dr Marnie Lovejoy from BASC give an update on the general licences and gamebird […]

GL43: what went wrong? – FieldsportsChannel Podcast episode 77

DEFRA’s crisis over general licences is helping to kill the rural vote for the Tories. Charlie Jacoby had two chats with BASC staff Gareth Dockerty, Ian Bell and Dr Marnie Lovejoy on the stage at the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre in July 2023. Between them, they explain what GL43 is, how the system of […]

Win a £150 Accumax Airgun – Fieldsports Extra, episode 286

Play Video We are giving away a £150 Accumax airgun (if you enter, please make sure you have a UK address). Gun distributor ASI kindly donated the Accumax S1 Black Synthetic Airgun. Plus, Tom Davies says demand for venison has never been higher and Jaf Jefferson talks about his vehicle woes.This week’s prizes and other […]

Roy calls roe and muntjac bucks It’s a Fieldsports Channel tradition: Roy takes David out for an evening of friendly abuse and banter every July/August in order to capture the excitement of the annual roe deer rut. 2023 is no exception, with the pair of them luring both roebuck and muntjac with their calls. More from Roy here:

Glorious grouse, ghastly weather Charlie Bull and friends are looking forward to shooting driven grouse on the Glorious Twelfth on the highest grouse moor in England. But there’s a problem. The weather is atrocious, and there’s no sign of improvement. They still manage to bag grouse on the first day of the 2023 season. Find out how in […]

Fieldsports Britain – wild weather grouse When is ‘everything goes according to plan’ ever entertaining? Charlie Bull leads a team of guns up to 2,300ft in the Cumbrian fells to shoot drive grouse – but the weather has other ideas. He gets grumpy about that. And Roy Lupton gets a gold medal for grumpiness with David out stalking roebucks and […]

Aerial roebuck reaction What does a roebuck reaction to the call look like from the sky? Incredibly, we filmed one of four bucks we shoot on this trip to Scotland from above, plus we position the drone behind the deer when Paul takes the shot. It’s all part of a roe stalking trip to Aberdeenshire, famous for […]

Win a custom knife priced at £320 – Fieldsports Extra, episode 284

We are giving away a beautiful custom knife by Danum Blades priced at £325. Plus, we have Paul Childerley and Sergio Couto laughing at David, and advice on what do when police approach you in the pigeon hide from Geoff Garrod. Oh yes – and more on Packham.This week’s prizes and other links:Tom’s Targets Toms-Targets.ukFind […]

DEFRA failure: GL43 and gamebird release The anger in the countryside is palpable. It came to a head at the 2023 Game Fair, when Tory MPs lined up to criticise DEFRA, not Labour. DEFRA secretary Thérèse Coffey didn’t even turn up (we replaced her with a cauliflower). Meanwhile, Labour environment spokesman Daniel Zeichner was surprisingly positive about shooting sports. Click […]

Fieldsports Britain – Vinnie does the Game Fair Vinnie Jones says it’s time to stand up for fieldsports. He was at the 2023 Game Fair at Ragley Hall, where the hunting and shooting organisations launched initiative after initiative against the antis. Deborah Hadfield rounds them up. Plus Charlie replaces DEFRA secretary Thérèse Coffey with a cauliflower, because she had the cauli-wobbles about […]

Fieldsports Britain – hunting the Game Fair buck José Souto plans to cut up a deer in front of an audience of 100s. It’s up to Paul Childerley to find him that deer. Paul goes out with José and Will Hogan stalking roebucks in the Home Counties. Meanwhile, Dan Thor is enjoying a simulated game day in Devon and answering the question: […]

Who is the fastest cartridge stuffer in the West (Country)?

Here’s what a day at Devon Clay Days teaches you: Dan Thor loads one cartridge at a time. His girlfriend Shannon loads two at once. Which is better in a high-pressure situation such as a simulated game day? Find out in this film. For more about Miroku and Browning guns, go to Find Jack […]

How to shoot deer when the crops are high

Paul Childerley has a date with a deer which can’t be missed. He booked in to join top game chef and senior lecturer at Westminster Kingsway College, José Souto, on the stage at the 2023 Game Fair at Ragley Hall for a deer butchery demo . No deer, no demo. One of the issues he […]

Riot squad stops pigeon shoot – Fieldsports News, 26 July 2023 Here are the links: Armed police stop legal pigeon shoot and confiscate guns  Water company’s grouse shooting ban – Countryside Alliance MP appeals for government to act over GL43 crisis – Urban first minister Drakeford bumps into country reality – BBC John Muir Trust launches investigation into boss – Inverness Courier Countryside Alliance […]

Win £265 of satellite communicator – Fieldsports Extra, episode 282

In a packed programme, you can win one of five pairs of tickets to the Game Fair, there’s a report from Fieldsports Live in Lutterworth last week, tips on snacking from airgunner David Elliott-Smith, the value of Fieldsports Channel from Gary McCartney of the Countryside Alliance, and both David Wright and Aaron Jones get excited […]

Des and Keith’s luxury squirrel shoot

Des and Keith have their squirrel shooting sorted: a squirrel hide with a door knocker AND a welcome mat. No welcome for the squirrels, though. The greys are drawn to a seed and peanut feeder in front of the hide, and Des and Keith’s high-tech airguns do the rest of the work, making this piece […]


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