Tories pledge to keep trail hunting – Fieldsports News, 12 June 2024

Here are the links: Election manifestos for the countryside and Labour to ban snares and trail hunting Surrey poachers caught on camera New pheasant release rules BASC and ‘Real Springwatch’ curlew success Elephant tramples and kills villager Managed African game gives best value NZ hunters file advertising […]

Geoff Garrod builds a pigeon pattern from scratch

Pigeon shooting can be hard enough before the crops ripen, without added problems like not having any decoys. Essex gamekeeper Geoff Garrod isn’t going to let a little thing like that stop him. He has done his reconnaissance, and he reckons he can set up a hide beside this rape field and build a decoy […]

Game meat goes mass market

Stalker John Prince is setting up a massive game meat processing plant just off the M4 motorway. It’s called Oakland Park, it opens in August 2024, and it could revolutionise the UK game market. The idea is that you will simply drop off what you’ve shot and get a fair price for it. The meat […]

Zeiss LRP long-range scopes for target and hunting

Robin Shedden of Cluny Country reviews the Zeiss LRP range – illuminated reticle riflescopes that are great for both hunting and target shooting. They are designed for long range shooting, although equally good at 100 yards, and even have parallax adjustment down to 15 metres. Optically they are the equivalent of the V series of […]

Fieldsports Britain – Decoying without decoys

How do you decoy pigeons when you don’t have any decoys? Geoff Garrod sets out empty-handed to build a bag from scratch. Plus a new game meat processing plant is set to revolutionise the way we sell what we shoot. We go behind the scenes to see how it will work for the UK’s deer […]

Assault victim fights gun grab and wins

Lifelong fieldsports enthusiast Chris Sharp was the victim of an unprovoked assault – and police took HIS guns away. Shockingly, 10 months later Chris was told he wouldn’t be getting his shotguns and rifles back – in fact they were going to be destroyed. Chris decided to fight Kent Police in court. He knew it […]

Howa Superlite rifle – review

Ryan Charlton of distributors Highland Outdoors runs through the features of the astoundingly lightweight – at just 4.7 lbs – Howa Superlite rifle. Find out more at Highland Outdoors More rifle reviews here

Fieldsports Britain – Police gun grab victim wins in court

When Kent shooter Chris Sharp got beaten up, the police removed HIS certificate. It’s been a 15-month fight to get it back. Plus Helen Tinner learns about fieldcraft shooting crows on a pig farm. Airgun supremo Terry Doe explains why Dan Thor should keep both eyes open to shoot. Plus Ryan Charlton looks at a […]

Value of shooting is £3.3 billion – Fieldsports News, 5 June 2024

Here are the links: Shooting is worth £3.3 billion to UK economy Contact your election candidates BASC Pine martens get £1.2 million lottery grant Fieldsports members get their seized guns back Wolves attack sheep in Norway NZ hunters can use thermal spotters Debanking ‘unconstitutional’ says US Supreme Court [pdf] […]

FAB 2: latest work of the Fieldsports Advice Bureau

Layla McGuigan from the FAB Fieldsports Advice Bureau says what she has been advising members who are battling police firearms against certificate revocations and renewals refusals. To get access to Layla’s advice, join the Fieldsports Nation and fund our fight for fieldsports in the media – for full details To watch all of Fieldsports […]

Pig farm corvid epidemic

Helen Tinner is out with Nick Elsdon from Anglia Sporting, on a pig farm with a massive corvid problem. Nick does his best to put Helen in the right spot, but the birds are proving very elusive today. Despite all that Helen still has a great day in the hide, and learns a lot about […]

4 July election ‘critical’ for shooting – Fieldsports News, 29 May 2024 Here are the links: ‘Biggest election ever’ for fieldsports BASC Countryside Alliance demands recognition Countryside Alliance Curlews and lapwings thrive on grouse moors Peak District Moorland Group on Facebook and SGA campaigns against deer number lies  Red squirrels released in Highlands BBC and Five-year SGC ‘too long’ says review BBC Labour considers […]

Go large with BBQ venison burgers, with Weschenfelder

Cai Ap Bryn shows how to make a BBQ favourite, jumbo sized venison burgers, making use of mixes and equipment from Weschenfelder. Save 15% on Weschenfelder burger presses: use the code FS15 at checkout here: The Leonards game burger mix is available in both single packs or trade packs: For Cai Ap […]

Simulated game at Halston Hall

Lucky Fieldsports member Colin French won our draw for a day of simulated game shooting at the lovely Halston Hall estate in Shropshire. We joined him on the day to learn how owners Rupert and Harriet Harvey provide the full game shooting experience without the game, including hospitality, in beautiful surroundings. Find Halston Sporting on […]

Fieldsports Britain – Flash-bang foxing the first silage cut in Devon, Tom Davies is hitting the foxes hard, using a clever trick with his IR lamp. We’re off to beautiful Halston Hall in Shropshire for a fabulous simulated game day with our prizewinner. Airgun master Terry Doe is teaching young Reece Chart the importance of trigger technique and follow-through. […]

First cut foxes

The first silage has been cut, and Tom Davies of Dartmoor Deer Services is taking advantage of the new vistas that have opened up, having a busy few nights on the foxes. He has developed a new technique with his night vision scope, switching on the IR lamp to stop the fox in its tracks […]

The countryside kicks off its election campaign

One of the UK’s most prestigious game shoots has kicked off the countryside’s general election campaign, with a charity shoot to raise funds for the Countryside Alliance’s lobbying. Warter Priory is one of the most exciting and sumptuous driven game shoots in the country. Once a year they run a charity shoot, where the clays […]

Reloading with Sako – how to save £20 a box on ammo

Deer manager and gamekeeper Paul Childerley has been reloading his ammunition for years, mainly for the cost savings. With the change to copper bullets Paul wanted a Sako round in .243 for roe, but the factory loads hadn’t arrived in the UK. He asked a friend to develop a load for him, using the copper […]

FAB 1: latest work of the Fieldsports Advice Bureau

Layla McGuigan from the FAB Fieldsports Advice Bureau says what she has been advising members who are battling police firearms departments against certificate revocations and renewal refusals. To get access to Layla’s advice, join the Fieldsports Nation and fund our fight for fieldsports in the media. Go to for full details To join for YouTube […]

Tier One A-Tac bipod The A-Tac bipod from Tier One is supremely adjustable, with interchangeable feet and a variety of mounting options so it’s easy to swap from one rifle to another. It is available with carbon fibre or aluminium legs. Ryan Charlton from the distributors Highland Outdoors runs through the bipod’s features and options. For more about […]

Miners fight to save their hunting culture Labour sided with the miners during their strike in the 1980s, as many miners turned to their rich tradition of hunting with lurchers to feed their families. Then 20 years later the same Labour banned hunting with dogs. Now there’s talk of strengthening the ban further, threatening centuries of those miners’ culture and tradition. […]

New crime commissioners support shooting – Fieldsports News, 15 May 2024

Here are the links: Crime commissioners in favour of shooting BASC Scottish lynx plan latest Women’s deerstalking event Police attend National Shooting Show Last Keeper film impresses Scottish politicians + Behind & Beyond the Trigger book launch New website for game shooters NZ hunters fight for right to […]

Police gun grab – pest controller loses £’000s

Lewis Dedman returned home after an argument with his wife to find a police car in his driveway. Kent police had come for his guns. 12 months on and Lewis, a professional pest controller, is still with his wife – in fact they are expecting a second child – but he is still without his […]

Fieldsports Britain – Dirty crow shoot

Corvids are making a mess of George Lawrence’s dairy farm in Essex. Unlucky for them, he’s a bit of a hot shot with his Browning shotgun and Aimpoint Acro S-2 red dot sight. Professional pest controller Lewis Dedman is trapped in a Catch-22 after police grabbed his guns – and he’s losing ££ thousands. There’s […]

Police U-turn on online FAC forms – Fieldsports News, 8 May 2024

Here are the links: West Mercia Police backtrack on online certificate applications BASC Cumbria Police tackle backlog BASC Underwater film reveals pollution horror Twitter and YouTube Facebook lifts British Shooting Show ban Facebook Crackshot fights back against Facebook Facebook Medieval red squirrels carried leprosy Young beater raises hospice cash Conservationists block capercaillie release […]

English Open Sporting Championship 2024 – a mountain to climb

There is a mountain to climb at the 2024 English Open Sporting Championships – and that’s not just the slog up the steep valley at Doveridge Shooting Ground to the final stand at the top of the hill. James Bradley-Day has set the bar high early on, shooting a seemingly unbeatable high score of 117 […]

Red dot shotgun sight on crows

George Lawrence, a young dairy farmer from Essex, is having trouble with crows, rooks and jackdaws making a mess and eating the cattle feed. Now the birds are trying to nest above his pheasant pen, which could spread disease. Fortunately George is a good shot with his Browning shotgun, as he proved at the Aimpoint […]

Roy of the roebucks Roy Lupton is taking time out from breeding his falcons to shoot a roebuck for the freezer. He’s sporting a lustrous new goatee beard – which he can’t shave off or his birds won’t recognise him, and it will upset their breeding. He spots one roe, but doesn’t get set up in time, then […]

Yusaf departure ‘good’ for countryside – Fieldsports News, 1 May 2024

Here are the links: Scottish political chaos ‘could be good’ for countryside Countryside Alliance Refugee foxhounds head to France Hunting Kind Scottish land management pleas + YouTube Cartridge recycling success + + Falconry school takes off Dorset Echo Grey squirrels threaten £1.25 million red protection Daily Post Anglers toast record fish treble […]

Fieldsports Britain – Hairy hunter Lupton is after a roe for the freezer. He’s sporting a new beard, and he can’t shave for fear of putting off the birds – his falcons, that is. The British clayshooting season has started and we’re at the first of the majors: the Essex Masters. Terry Doe is introducing a young shot to […]

Hand pump, bottle or compressor: what’s the best way to fill your PCP?

James Head from Devon and online airgun shop Crackshot looks at the different options available for PCPs, and makes his recommendations for hand pump type, bottle size and whether to go cheap or expensive on your own compressor. For more from Crackshot, go to More on airguns here

Essex Masters 2024 The Essex Masters is seen as ‘the big one’ that kicks off the UK’s Sporting competition circuit each year, attracting well over 1,000 shooters from all over the UK and beyond. The 2024 competition runs for a whole week, at Hepworth Hall near Halstead in Essex, culminating on 28 April. It is shot over […]

Fieldsports insurance top tip – shoot your gun safe

Do you have cash, gold, jewellery or a Picasso in your gun safe? Well, Ex Met Detective Inspector Ian Jensen has some words of advice to help you if the police arrive at your home to remove your guns. In some cases the officers may have little to no experience dealing with firearms and firearms […]

Can a shotgunner shoot a rifle?

Wayne Martin is good with a shotgun – he proved that in our earlier film where he shot bolting rabbits on Gotland in Sweden. Rifle shooting is a whole new experience for him, and now he’s heading out to the Aimpoint Academy in Scandinavia. He visits Tim Pilbeam to learn the basics, and see if […]

Brewdog’s ‘Lost Forest’ flop – Fieldsports News, 24 April 2024 Here are the links: Brewdog’s lost forest Instagram Natural England block tree planting  Fieldsports News Deer return to Gloucestershire park Twitter Facebook censors British Shooting Show Instagram Call to review wildlife law Horse & Hound  New Zealand hunters face legal challenge South African poachers poison vultures Illegal fishing spotted from space BBC […]

Police prise open gun safe – the full story

It was going to be an ordinary day for Phil Waymouth, picking up his son from school, spending time with him. Within 24 hours, he had been arrested and kept in a cell while police went to his house, apparently without paperwork, opened up his gunsafes with hooligan tools and seized his guns. He explains […]

First look – the revolutionary new Skout Epoch air rifle

Terry Doe is blown away when he gets his hands on the revolutionary new Epoch from Skout Airguns. The gun draws on the company’s 30 years of experience in the paintball market, to create an airgun like no other – it even talks to you. “It makes me happy that this airgun even exists,” says […]

RSPB wriggles over hen harriers – Fieldsports News, 17 April 2024

Here are the links: CA blasts RSPB over hen harriers Hunting’s ‘prisoners of conscience’? PCC elections plea  + Wild Justice wins a year too late Partridge survey appeal Richmond deer antler attack SCI celebrates return of black bear hunting White tailed eagle chases red deer To […]

Fieldsports Britain – Police smash ’n’ grab guns

The police went into his home when they knew he was out and opened his gun safes like tin cans. In the week we launch legal insurance to go with Fieldsports membership, we profile a shooter who had his guns seized in spectacular manner, following allegations against him by his ex wife. Phil Waymouth warns […]

Old v new thermal for rabbit shooting

What do you do with your old thermal kit when you upgrade to the latest gear? You could sell it on – but Essex farmer and foxshooter Robert Bucknell has a better idea. He can still find a use for the old stuff where, even if outdated, it’s still good enough for some jobs. Today, […]

AGN Technology airguns on test at Oakedge Shooting Ground’s airgun range

Shooting Sports UK has a shop at Oakedge Shooting Ground in Staffordshire, which caters for every type of shooter including airgunners. As well as the clay shooting, there’s a six-lane airgun range which you can hire by the hour or by the day. Matt Clay walks us through the facilities and demonstrates three models from […]

How to make salt venison bagels

Cai Ap Bryn of Game & Flames is curing a venison haunch with Weschenfelder’s curing salts, then serving it up in delicious toasted bagels. Use the code FS15 to get 15% off these Weschenfelder products: Salt Beef Me Up Kit – Salt Beef Cure – To watch all of #FieldsportsBritain, episode 750, visit […]

New ‘partner surveys’ for gun owners – Fieldsports News, 10 April 2024

Here are the links: Partners to rule on their loved-ones’ guns Green minister orders ‘slaughter of innocents’ + Facebook Hen harrier numbers on the up Pesky squirrel killed Twitter Stop releasing seals, say anglers Angling Times + Facebook SCI to sue US government over elephants Instagram South Africa to sell rhino horn to Asia […]


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