What’s the right shotgun for a left-hander?

You are left-handed, so you need a left-handed gun, right? Not necessarily, says Robin Shedden of Cluny Country Guns. Several of the big shotgun manufacturers offer their guns in left-handed versions, but those aren’t always fully left-handed, he explains. The left-handed Berettas and the Blaser F16 are built on right-handed actions, and fitted with a […]

Trail hunt ban defeated – Fieldsports News, 13 September 2023

Here are the links: Trail hunt ban defeated – Countryside Alliance RSPB accuses gamekeepers – Daily Mail Scottish businesses reject bill – Yahoo Thieves hit clay ground again – JustGiving appeal page Prince Harry charity buys 2,000 rhinos – African Parks Saltwater fly festival – SaltwaterFlyFishingUK.com Clock ticking for capercaillie – GWCT press release Rimfire […]

Fieldsports Britain – Thermal poult protection

youtu.be/14unHSCsVn0 Gamekeepers are busy protecting their vulnerable young birds from foxes, poachers and more – and thermal is a vital and versatile tool. Paul Childerley and his team take the latest thermal kit from Zeiss out on their rounds to see how it performs.Meanwhile Ollie Williams heads to Scotland to experience a thrilling high partridge […]

How gamekeepers use thermal

Keeping their birds alive and well is every gamekeeper’s priority – and the biggest threat to their pheasants, ducks and partridges is foxes. Thermal technology gives keepers the tools to outwit such a cunning predator. German optics company Zeiss has just released a range of thermal spotters and a front mounted add-on for a riflescope. […]

Ollie Williams takes on Aikengall’s extreme partridges

Ollie Williams is excited to shoot at Aikengall & Monynut, not far from Edinburgh. It’s famed for showing high partridges in stunning Scottish scenery. Ollie is shooting his favourite side-by-side, and Eley VIP Game cartridges, with 32g of no.5 shot. He takes a while to find the right lead on the high, fast birds. Meanwhile […]

Tier One Quick Detach scope mount

Tier One are renowned for their precision Monomount scope mounts – but what if you want to swap your scope to another rifle? Their new quick-detach mount is the answer. “It’s got all the bnefits of the Monomount,” explains Ryan Charlton of distributors Highland Outdoors. “It’s made from a single piece of 7000 series aluminium […]

How to get shooting permission

Shooting Girl with an Afro, Nicole Moore, has a knack for getting shooting permission. She has hundreds of acres to shoot and stalk over near her home in Norfolk. It’s not just luck – she has a plan, and she works hard at it, using her people skills learned at work over many years. She […]

British Open Sporting Championships 2023

Browning shooter Sam Green tops off a dazzling season by winning the British Open Sporting Championship with superb shooting at Garlands, where Steve Lovatt has set a typically tricky course that includes a new trap that flings clays at 100mph. While we’re there, we talk to Eley’s Tony Bromwich about the best cartridges to use […]

Best value thermal deals for airgun and rifle shooting

Thermal gear has come a long way, and prices have dropped to the point where it’s a realistic choice for many airgunners and fox shooters. So what do you get for your money, and which is the best deal for you? Ian Hodge of Ian Hodge Fieldsports runs through the options, and picks out some […]

RSPB hypocrisy row – Fieldsports News, 6 September 2023

Here are the links: RSPB accused of hypocrisy – Countryside Alliance Scotland must protect its rural economy – BASC Europe rethinks protection of wolves – The Guardian Meet the new shadow DEFRA secretary – LabourList South Africa hunters’ vital role in conservation – SA Conservation Imperative on YouTube Trail cam company does support pest control […]

Cheap and quirky .410s are a blast to shoot

Everyone loves the little .410 – and why wouldn’t you? The guns are quirky and fun to shoot, and they’re cheap as chips. OK the ammo costs a little more than a 12 bore, but who’s counting when you’re smashing clays or controlling pests with a gun that’s so satisfying to own and use? Dan […]

Christensen’s FFT lightweight mountain rifle

A big heavy rifle is fine for the range, but what if you’re walking the hills all day and still need to take a precise long shot when the opportunity presents itself? That’s where the Christensen Arms Ridgeline FFT really shines. It’s a lightweight, precision bolt-action rifle, available in a wide range of calibres from […]

The Vorn SR10, a hip pack that’s also a shooting platform

youtu.be/slekeV41hbY There’s enough to carry when you’re out stalking or doing vermin control – so anything that can do two jobs at once is a bonus. That’s the idea with the Vorn SR10 hip pack. It’s a practical 10-litre waist pack with plenty of space for all your gear. Plus it provides a stable platform […]

Who is the best sporting clayshooter in the world?

Who is the best sporting clay shooter in the world? Maybe the legendary George Digweed? Or Olympic gold medallist Richard Faulds? Perhaps one of the top American shooters, like Anthony Matarese. We’re about to find out, because the world’s best shots are at the EJ Churchill shooting ground in Buckinghamshire to battle it out for […]

Maven RS4 5-30×56 riflescope

Click here for 10% discount offer for Fieldsports Channel viewers – use the code FSTV at checkout by James Marchington Ryan Charlton from Highland Outdoors, which imports the new RS4 5-30×56 scope from Maven Optics in Wyoming, USA, says why he likes it. “The company’s philosophy is founded on no-compromise optics for hunting the back […]

How to find the best pellet for your air rifle

youtu.be/bfEA-6_QZGU To get the best out of your air rifle, you need to find the pellet that works best in your gun. Some air rifles seem to ‘like’ some pellets – and not like others. James Head, from Devon-based airgun shop Crackshot, heads to the range above the shop to try a selection of pellets […]

GPO Passion ED 8×32 binoculars on test

As a keen rifle shooter and deer stalker, Ryan Charlton of Highland Outdoors has used a lot of binoculars, and he’s particularly impressed with the latest offering from German Precision Optics: the GPO Passion ED 8×32. The first thing that catches his eye is the packaging. “It’s all recyclable, which is in line with GPO’s […]

Best scope for airgun hunting 2023

What’s the best scope to put on your airgun for hunting, and maybe a bit of HFT competition? James Head, from Newton Abbot, Devon, and online airgun specialists Crackshot UK, says that two models stand out as the most popular in 2023: the £279 Hawke Airmax, and the £295 MTC Copperhead. They’re both packed full […]

Fieldsports Britain – farmyard pests

youtu.be/VbbQbdiUFh4 With a new permission to shoot, Elliot Roberts is out after ferals, rooks and hooded crows. It’s a farmyard in the north of Scotland and the farmer wants his crops and cattlefeed saved from the marauders. Meanwhile, rifleshooting instructor Andrew Venables explains how to take a moving shot on a deer, for those occasions […]

Freehand shooting: how to bring down an injured deer

You’ve shot it, but then it stands up and starts running off. You have a few seconds to take a second shot and bring it down, usually under much more demanding circumstances than your first shot. Andrew Venables from WMS Firearms Training believes hunters need to dump their comfort blankets. Meaning they need to bin […]

Proof the UK has wild panthers – Fieldsports News, 17 May 2023

youtu.be/t2KpGl58b_A Here are the links: Black panthers exist in UK countryside – Panthera Britannia documentary on AmazonDevon and Cornwall Police promise detailed review – ITV News reportPackham Three libel case concludes – Guardian news storyGlencoe deer cull clash – Scottish GamekeepersUK venison feeds Ukrainians – Country Food TrustScientists say meat essential for health – Animal […]

Scottish feral pigeon shoot

A new permission is a blank canvas. Elliot Roberts has a farmyard in the north of Scotland that he hasn’t tried before. He gives it a walk-about with shotgun in hand to see what’s there. This video appeared in Fieldsports Britain 703. For more from Browning, go to Browning.eu Find Elliot Roberts on Facebook and […]

Serious clay guns: Browning 725 Pro Sport vs Beretta 694

If you’re serious about clay shooting competition, you need a proper clay gun – it really will make a difference to your scores, says West Country gunshop owner Ian Hodge. You don’t need to spend a fortune though. He picks out two guns that are more than up to the job: the Beretta 694 and […]

Welsh Minister attacks shooting – Fieldsports News, 3 May 2023

Here are the links: Welsh Minister attacks shooting Hunters threaten to sue MPs Packham 3 in court Farmers’ fury at lynx plans Beware of anti-fieldsports councillors Ireland firearms law changes Venison quality assurance scheme Tech tycoon relocates deer Cost of living in the countryside Black fox recaptured To watch all of #FieldsportsBritain, episode 701, visit […]

Faulds wins the Essex Masters 2023

Richard Faulds set the pace at the 2023 Essex Masters, the big Sporting clay shoot that kicks off the season. He shot a scorching 193 on the demanding 200-bird course set by John Dyson at Hepworth Hall Shooting Ground. With more than 2,000 shooters competing over the week, including many of the UK’s top shots, […]

How NOT to shoot off sticks

Andrew Venables of WMS Firearms Training has seen too many shooters using sticks badly. He explains where people go wrong, and how you should position yourself – and the sticks – to get a really stable shooting platform and maximise your accuracy. For the kit showcased in this film, visit Kitfinder.co.uk To watch all of […]

Fieldsports Britain – Essex Masters

And they’re off! The clay shooting season gets under way with a bang. We bring you thrills and spills from the Essex Masters, where the top shots are battling to beat the scorching score set by Olympic medallist Richard Faulds. Andrew Venables of WMS Firearms Training explains why you’re using your shooting sticks all wrong, […]

Hunting monster boar in Scotland

youtu.be/RTnNVc-aTdQ Wild boar are rampaging across northern Scotland, ripping up turf, destroying nests and eggs, even killing lambs. We’re out at night trying to outwit the new monsters of Loch Ness with Browning shooter Elliot Roberts, guided by Grant Clark and Bobby Sanderson of Highland Deer Management. For more about Browning rifles see Browning.eu For […]

Wildfires burn out of control – Fieldsports News, 26 April 2023

Here are the links: Wildfires – www.obantimes.co.uk/2023/04/21/kinloch-moidart-wildfire-under-control/ Botham knocks RSPB for six – www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/04/23/rspb-contractors-kill-foxes-crows-hide-from-public/ Farmer jailed for river damage – www.fieldsportschannel.tv/river-lugg-battle/ Antis post fake reviews – www.countryside-alliance.org/resources/news/tackling-online-bullying Rural crime on the rise in Scotland – www.countryside-alliance.org/resources/news/scottish-alliance-talk-to-the-times-following-reported-rise-in-wildlife-crime-incidents Fishermen’s protest song secures top spot – news.stv.tv/highlands-islands/skipinnish-protest-song-compares-proposed-scottish-fishing-ban-to-highland-clearances Welsh gamebird consultation response – basc.org.uk/your-guide-to-the-welsh-gamebird-releasing-consultation/ More eagle nests where gamekeepers […]

Fieldsports Britain – Loch Ness monsters

youtu.be/nbhALjhkYF0 Wild boar are rampaging across northern Scotland, ripping up turf, destroying nests and eggs, even killing lambs. We’re out at night trying to outwit the new monsters of Loch Ness with Browning shooter Elliot Roberts. Charlie is flyfishing for catfish in the Northern Cape of South Africa, where every angler’s new favourite predator can […]

Catching big African catfish

Charlie is flyfishing for catfish in the Northern Cape of South Africa, where every angler’s new favourite predator can grow up to 50lbs. They’re not like chalkstream trout – Charlie learns to use a huge fly and attract the fish by ‘slapping’ the water with his line. For fishing at Vanderkloof, visit Selous.co.za To watch […]

Complete Tikka stalking package for £750 off

youtu.be/GP_uJAlAFPI Fancy a new Tikka? Staffordshire and online gunshop Shooting Sports UK is offering a saving of £750 on a complete stalking package that includes a Tikka Superlite rifle in your choice of calibre, mounts, Steiner scope, Stalon moderator, carbon fibre bipod, shooting sticks, and an Outdoor Edge knife, all for £2,400, down from £3,150. […]

Beretta or Browning? Ian Hodge compares the Silver Pigeon and B525

youtu.be/A8DChKhmu58 They are the mid-priced BMW and Audi of shotguns – solid, reliable, good value, and they’ll go on for ever. The Beretta Silver Pigeon and Browning 525 are the biggest selling shotguns in Ian Hodge’s gunshop in the West Country. But which one is right for you? There’s just £2 difference in price between […]

Steiner Ranger 8 4-32×56 riflescope

Deer stalker Ollie Williams is a sponsored Steiner user, and he’s been using the Steiner Ranger 8 4-32×56 riflescope. He acknowledges that it’s probably more scope than he needs. “I rarely shoot anything over 100 yards,” he says. “I zeroed it once, maybe six months ago, and never had to touch it since.” He knows […]

Why use Steiner LRF binoculars for hunting?

Steiner is the brand of binoculars that the UK government chooses for the British Army. That says a lot about their quality and ruggedness. But are they suitable for hunting? Deer manager and sporting agent Ollie Williams reckons they are. He’s a sponsored Steiner binoculars user, and uses Steiner’s Ranger LRF model for deerstalking. He […]

Which airgun calibre? .22 or .177?

youtu.be/QUxYU5bz4AE It’s the age-old question. Which airgun calibre is best, .22 or .177? South-west of England Field Target Association champion James Head, of Crackshot UK, says it’s largely a matter of personal preference. “The two calibres are equally accurate. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be,” he explains. “The difference is that the .177 flies […]

What’s the best rimfire rifle in 2023?

Rimfire rifles are still as popular as ever, says Ian Hodge of West Country gunshop and online retailer Ian Hodge Fieldsports – and his two best sellers are the semi-auto Ruger 10-22 and the Browning T-Bolt. The Ruger is in .22 calibre, while he picks a T-Bolt in .17HMR. Both are relatively short in the […]

Saudi falcon racing

youtu.be/hjpTuxWaD7A Saudi Arabia is mad about falcon racing – so much so they’ve built a huge stadium to host it in the middle of the desert. We join a GB falcon racing team as they put on an exhibition event showing off a new style of simulated hunt racing, developed in the UK by Dr. […]

Fieldsports Britain – Shooting long range gongs and deer

youtu.be/Ez3lp4FzZd4 Paul Childerley needs to cull Chinese water deer in a field so big he can’t stalk close enough. Perhaps Zeiss ambassador and PRS shooter Andy Simpson-Nix can help – and convince him to give PRS competition a go too. We’re in Saudi Arabia to see how British falcons compete in a race under the […]

Best spring air rifle: Air Arms TX200 vs Weihrauch HW97

They’re two of the finest spring-powered air rifles ever made – but which is the best, the Air Arms TX200 or the Weihrauch HW97? James Head of Crackshot UK, the Devon and online airgun centre, is in no doubt. “There’s pros and cons for both and in the end it comes down to personal choice, […]

PCP airgun outfit for under £500 – is it any good?

Thinking of upgrading to a pre-charged pneumatic airgun? Good choice – but won’t that cost you something north of £1,000? Not necessarily, says Matt Clay at Shooting Sports UK, the Staffordshire and online gun shop. He’s offering a complete PCP outfit for under £500. It’s built around the Stoeger XM1, a smart, modern looking pre-charged […]

Browning’s new BAR 4X semi-auto rifle

Browning has unveiled the latest version of its hugely successful Browning Automatic Rifle, the BAR 4X, which promises improved accuracy and a modular sighting system so you can personalise the rifle to your needs. It comes in four grades of finish, with a choice of engraving, stock shapes and wood, magazines, open and reflex sights, […]

CPSA looks to drop the pigeon

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association wants to drop the word “pigeon” in its name, in a bid to “modernise our sport’s brand image in order to help attract new shooters, members, and sponsors from outside the sport.” The organisation, which is the sport’s governing body in England, is asking its 25,000 members to comment on […]

Tested: HIK Micro Falcon FQ50 Pro thermal spotter

youtu.be/fliO-uk1xFc Mark Ripley, known as 260Rips on YouTube, is testing the latest thermal spotter from Scott Country: the HikMicro Falcon FQ50 Pro. He uses it to spot foxes, deer and rabbits, day or night, as part of his pest control duties. Today he’s after rabbits on a farm where they’re causing damage to grazing land. […]

Pulsar launches new Merger LRF XL50 thermal binoculars at 2023 Shot Show

Night vision and thermal imaging specialist Pulsar has launched new top-of-the-range thermal imaging binoculars, the Merger LRF XL50, at the 2023 Shot Show in Las Vegas. The company say the new binoculars are true all-rounders. They feature a wide field of view for scanning and target acquisition, and high image quality and detail across the […]

Moderators get lighter and more efficient

Gone are the days of fitting a huge, heavy moderator on the end of your barrel, making the rifle unbalanced and unwieldy. That’s the view of Robbie Shedden of Cluny Country. His company import the Freyr & Devik range of moderators which are lighter and more efficient than anything that’s gone before. The existing Freyr […]

How to build your own custom PCP airgun

You don’t have to buy a PCP airgun off the shelf. James Head of Crackshot UK explains how you can assemble your ideal gun, picking your preferred barrel and action and then adding a stock, buttplate, scope, moderator and accessories. “The first thing I’d want to know is what you’re going to use the gun […]

Mark Ripley tests the HIK Micro Alpex scope from Scott Country

Mark Ripley, or 260Rips on YouTube, is best known for shooting foxes at long range on the Sussex Downs. Today, though, he’s after rabbits, testing the HIK Micro Alpex day-night scope on an old CZ .22 rimfire. The Alpex sits well on the rifle. It’s the same shape and size as a regular optical scope, […]


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