When you’re serious about your shooting, you need a special kind of rifle – and that’s what you get with the Bergara Premier Ridgeback, says James Fowler from the importer RUAG, who is also a competition target shooter.
It aims to provide near custom performance from an off-the-shelf rifle at an affordable price.
Every Bergara Premier series rifle is guaranteed to shoot 1 MoA or less (1in at 100 yards) with match-grade factory ammunition.
What else is is that makes this rifle special? “The Premier series is different from the standard B14,” says James. “They come with the superb TriggerTech trigger as standard, and they have an all stainless steel barrel and action. The barrels are selected at the Bergara factory and Cerakoted either black or ‘sniper grey’.” 
James shoots the Premier Ridgeback
The bolt is fluted and has a floating head. It has a cone shaped nose for smooth feeding of the cartridge, with twin locking lugs.
All the bolt components are stainless steel, treated for extreme durability and smooth operation.
The fibreglass stock is easily adjustable for length and comb height to suit your shooting position. There’s a little groove at the front of the comb, allowing you to remove the bolt without lowering the comb and losing your position.
Another nice touch is a small bubble level in the stock, visible from the shooting position just beneath the back of the bolt. “It just helps you stabilise your shooting position and make sure you’re shooting exactly square,” James explains.
You can adjust the stock to fit your face
“Overall the rifle weighs 10lb 8oz,” he continues.
“It’s not the lightest rifle, but it’s not the heaviest I’ve used either. It’s got most of the upgrades people want built in already – a lovely crisp trigger, a smooth bolt that just functions flawlessly. It’s a really good accurate rifle.
“It’s going to be my go-to rifle for competitions, and I just know we’re going to win some medals together.”
The Bergara Premier Ridgeback comes in a wide range of calibres including 6.5 PRC, .300 PRC, standard .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. RRP is £2,800, and £2,896 for the 6.5 PRC and .300 PRC calibres.
Find out more at RUAG.co.uk


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