Best fox shooting set-up under £1,200

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get set up for fox shooting, but it helps to have a bit of expert advice. Ian Hodge of Ian Hodge Fieldsports is just the chap to turn to. He’s helped hundreds of customers kit themselves out with great value gear from his shop near Wadebridge in North Cornwall.

Two great value foxshooting set-ups that Ian recommends

So what would Ian recommend for a budget in the region of £1,000? “For that money you could buy a Howa set-up,” he says. “Howa are a really good gun. It’s a Japanese rifle that’s been imported into this country for about 15 years now, and they proved popular from the word go.”

“The rifle on its own costs between £500 and £550. For just under £1,200 we can put together a package with a Geco scope, a bipod and an Aimsport moderator. This rifle has a rubberised black stock. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s certainly practical. If you’re out at night with wet, muddy hands you’ll appreciate it.”

The Howa package costs just under £1,200

If £1,200 is a bit more than you want to spend, Ian has a cheaper option. “This one is a Winchester XPR, priced at £949 complete with a Stalon moderator. The Stalon is our best selling moderator; it certainly cuts the noise down and I’m really impressed with it.”

The £949 kit includes a Nikko Stirling telescopic sight with a 30mm tube. “It really is unbelievable value for money – and if you’re a farmer or a professional pest controller you can claim the VAT back too.”

This package, with Winchester rifle, moderator and scope, costs £949

You might be tempted to look at second hand options too, but Ian points out there’s no VAT on second hand gear, and you don’t get the benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty – so a brand new package might offer better value.

Find out more at the Ian Hodge Fieldsports website.

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