Leupold VX-6HD 3-18×50 riflescope – tested in the field

youtu.be/1BvUZ3XiuU0 Owen Beardsmore of Cervus UK is a professional deer manager and stalking guide, who demands a lot of his kit. He needs a scope that will work flawlessly in all conditions – and he loves his Leupold VX-6 3-18×50 scope which he’s been using for the past year. “The light gathering power of the […]

Leupold BX5 Santiam 10×42 binoculars – review

youtu.be/2_nDCIaMktQ Owen Beardsmore of Cervus UK spends most of his time out in the woods, either hunting professionally or guiding stalkers. “I give my kit a lot of stick,”  he says, “and I really rate these Leupold BX5 Santiam binoculars.” “Whether it’s out in the British woodlands, pouring rain out on the hill in Scotland […]

Leupold GR4 12-40×60 spotting scope – review

youtu.be/GL7g_Rwo-kE Owen Beardsmore of Cervus UK demands the best kit in his job as a professional deer manager and stalking guide – and he’s a big fan of Leupold’s GR 12-40×60 spotting scope. “What a piece of kit this is!” he says. “I’ve been using it on the hill in Scotland, and I’ve been very […]

Leupold RX-1600i rangefinder – pro stalker review

youtu.be/sc0V-KSHMMM As a professional deer manager and stalking guide, Owen Beardsmore demands the best kit. He’s been trying out the Leupold range of optics, and is particularly impressed with the RX-1600i rangefinder. “I wasn’t used to using a rangefinder, but this is a lovely bit of kit,” he says. “It’s lightweight, ergonomic, waterproof and rugged […]

Meopta MeoPro Optika6 3-18×56 riflescope

youtu.be/1WamXNj3UAA OIlie Williams talks to former editor of SA Hunter, Johan Van Wyk, about the Meopta Optika6 3-18×50 riflescope. It comes with a 4C reticle and RRP in the UK is £617. The pair agree that this isn’t a scope for African plains game. It’s too big and complicated, when you’ll be carrying your rifle […]

Catapult masterclass: hunting steel

www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyYBTyLqooI When it comes to well-dressed sports, you might think golf, you might think tennis, you could even think some of the top claygrounds. Now catapults are rising up the sporting class system. Top catapult shot Wayne Martin explains how he set the course at the Sussex Catapult Club and gives his top tips for […]

We launch Kitfinder – Fieldsports Extra #226

This week’s prize draw is for a FORM custom airgun stock priced at £600. Plus Sir Jackie Stewart explains how shooting helped him as a racing driver, Paul Hodson talks about the amazing world of thermal, and a sea lion uses an octopus as an offensive weapon.This week’s prizes and other links:Kitfinder.co.ukFORM Rifle Stocks – […]

Sir Jackie Stewart Classic – a DTL shoot with a difference

youtu.be/VgTsk2aCtoI by James Marchington Legendary Formula One racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart OBE was a top international clay pigeon champion, sponsored by Eley cartridges, before he took up motor racing. So when he created the Sir Jackie Stewart Challenge, to celebrate his life and raise funds for the charity Race Against Dementia, he insisted on […]

Scottish foxhunting ban update

by Deborah Hadfield The Scottish Countryside Alliance is appealing to the Scottish government not to ignore its evidence during the passage of the Hunting with Dogs Bill. The bill is making its way through committee stages at Holyrood.In its current form, it will have the greatest impact on landowners who rely on hounds to flush […]

Bird flu update – effect on 2022/23 UK shooting season

by Deborah Hadfield Bird flu is bad news for game farmers and shooters who face a dire season ahead. There were more than 100 recorded cases of avian influenza in the UK during the winter of 2021/2022. As reported in Fieldsports News, outbreaks of avian flu in the UK and France have pushed up the […]

FORM Rifle Stocks – factory film

youtu.be/pTpz9Fx5j80 How does FORM Rifle Stocks make its custom stocks and grips for rifles, airguns and handguns? Peter McGregor, who founded the Devon-based company in 2017, explains the process, and talks about what FORM can do to make a great gun better. More from FORM Rifle Stocks here:

Win a £600 custom airgun stock – Fieldsports Extra #225

This week’s prize draw is for a FORM custom airgun stock priced at £600. Plus Sir Jackie Stewart explains how shooting helped him as a racing driver, Paul Hodson talks about the amazing world of thermal, and a sea lion uses an octopus as an offensive weapon.This week’s prizes and other links:Woox custom rifle stocks […]

Police plan to price shooters out of gun certificates

Exeter Crown Court could set a nasty legal precedent in October 2023. If Devon deerstalker Andrew Andrew loses his gun certificate appeal, police throughout the UK could revoke certificates without reason. In August 2021, Andrew had his firearm and shotgun certificates renewed. A few days later, armed police came to his house at night and […]

Gamekeepers save stone curlews and turtle doves

www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRJFscjd0eITony Lowry is a gamekeeper in Hampshire. His shoot gets the stone curlew as a summer visitor. It’s also a working arable farm. That’s bad news for the birds, which are ground-nesters. In summer, part of Tony’s job looking after wildlife on his ground is to go out and save stone curlew chicks from the farm machinery. “If we don’t protect them […]

Foxes, evolution and where humans are heading

Start with two foxes: one is bold, the other is cautious. They both exhibit ‘foxiness’. What happens to foxiness if you shoot one of them? And what happens to the world if we continue to exhibit ‘humanness’? Charlie Jacoby’s dad Martin Jacoby has his say on the evolution of both genes and ideas. More from […]

Win a £500 custom rifle stock – Fieldsports Extra #224

youtu.be/t2LRb2WC4pI This week’s prize draw is for a Woox custom rifle stock priced at more than £500. Plus Andy Crow is trying to shoot running boar, there’s superb footage of a barn owl coming in to a fox call, a newly qualified woman gamekeeper talks about the difficulty finding work, James Marchington is spotting turtle […]

Scramble for pheasant eggs – Fieldsports News, 8 June 2022

youtu.be/IOYmk24k-eE Here are the links: Pheasant and partridge poults in price war – Facebook + Facebook Police tackle Animal Rebellion nutters – YouTube OM for New Zealand duck hunter – NZHerald Shops ignore UK ivory ban – Fieldsports News Game meat 60th on European lead list – EFSA research Birds of prey numbers up 22% […]

Wiltshire double roe buck fever

youtu.be/MZ0aUAwooTQ Cai Ap Bryn is out after a roebuck or two for the freezer. He is catering for lots of weddings this summer. And those lucky brides and grooms – it’s a perfect evening to find a buck in Wiltshire. He is out with local guide and taxidermist Tom Douglas.   For more about the […]

Fieldsports Britain – summer stalking

youtu.be/wo-YnpJ4kmQ Cai Ap Bryn is out after meat for his catering business, stalking roebucks in Wiltshire. His host is local taxidermist Tom Douglas. It’s a blissful English summer evening as they find an abundance of animals and talk about buck fever. From roe to rhinos and Charlie tells the story of a baby rhino that’s […]

How to save rhinos

by Charlie Jacoby It’s dark. The baby rhino is in the South African savannah with her mother. Dawn is coming. She has survived the night – but the mother senses there is something wrong. She moves away from her daughter. The little rhino makes frantic peeping noises and tries to follow. It’s hopeless. The mother […]

Amazon, Sotheby’s face £250,000 fines over ivory sales

A day after the Westminster government introduced £250,000 fines and criminal convictions for dealing in ivory, shops such as Amazon and eBay and auction houses including Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Bonhams are still offering the product. The ban under the 2018 Ivory Act is designed to stop the trade in ivory. It came into force on […]

Chris Packham’s death threat

by Ben O’Rourke To millions of people, Chris Packham is a loveable celebrity who appears slightly anarchic and obsessed with animals. To at least an equal number, he’s a danger to a way of life, trying to kick shooters off grouse moors to replace heather moorland with trees or threatening the governments in England, Wales, […]

Cattle farm crow decoying

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj8GMcDEl4k When crows, rooks and jackdaws hit the cattle feed, this Sussex farmer calls in Tristan Surgey. Tris explains how he decoys the corvids – and he gets some help from farmer’s son Aiden (who should be revising for his A-levels).  More corvids here:

❤️🏝 Ollie hunts waterbuck in South Africa

The students at the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School are hosting Ollie Williams. Three of them – SP, Jared and Reese – are guiding Ollie on to a waterbuck. Find out how they get on. For the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School go to NCPH.co.za or find it on YouTube For Ollie, visit CornishSportingAgency.com or […]

Lead shot ban hits a bump – Fieldsports News, 25 May 2022

youtu.be/vq9ST1Jw670 Here are the links: Lead shot ban hits a bump – FACE challenges ECHA’s consultation: www.face.eu/2022/05/can-we-reach-fair-play-in-the-eus-approach-to-restricting-ammunition/ Guinea pig mystery: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-61521356 Harboro Rocks Clay Shoot: www.harbororocksclayshoot.co.uk/ Wolf’s killing spree in French nature reserve: www.rtl.be/info/regions/liege/17-moutons-tues-par-un-loup-dans-une-reserve-naturelle-a-nassogne-certains-ont-du-mourir-dans-d-atroces-souffrances-deplore-l-eleveuse-1377406.aspx?dt=13:41 [French news site] Dog injured in mountain lion attack: www.outdoorlife.com/survival/dog-fights-mountain-lion-saves-owner/ Schoolboy catches monster carp: www.fieldandstream.com/fishing/boy-catches-giant-carp-france/ Tourist sues safari operator after elephant […]

English Open Sporting Championship 2022

youtu.be/Z8Q0Dh7Niko There’s a surprise winner at High Lodge in Suffolk, where clayshooters gather for the first CPSA Major Sporting Championship of the year, the English Open. Paul Batchelor beat the big names, including George Digweed and Richard Faulds, in a tense shoot-off that went right down to the final pair. James Marchington reports. Full results […]

Rock pigeon hunting with Ollie Williams

youtu.be/NG4QaivC578 Ollie Williams is in South Africa trying out pigeon shooting on a grand scale as he protects sunflower crops from the hordes of rock doves. “They’re like woodpigeons on steroids,” he says – and there are millions of them! For more about pigeon shooting with Kotoko Hunting, visit Kotoko.co.za Thanks to our cameraperson on […]

Fieldsports Britain – Shotguns, sunflowers and shades

This week Charlie and Ollie Williams are in sunny South Africa doing some keeping the locust-like doves and pigeons off the sunflower seeds. Ollie has to get used to shooting a semi-auto and the volume of birds…the wood pigeon shooting back at home in Cornwall is not as fast and furious as here. We also […]

Best boots for hunting – Fieldtester’s guide

Fieldsports folk do a lot of walking over all kinds of difficult terrain, from rocky mountain slopes to slippery mud and grass. We want a sure footing and dry, comfortable feet all day long – ideally in a boot that will last a season or two of hard use. That’s a big ask, but boot […]

Gold for GB in Junior World Cup

Photo: Karen Norton / Nortonsport The GB Women’s Skeet team won gold at the ISSF Junior World Cup in Suhl. The team of Phoebe Bodley-Scott, Sophie Herrmann and Beth Norton did it in style with a massive 7-1 win over Slovakia in the final on 18 May 2022. Berkshire CPSA posted: “Phoebe and her team […]

Lead ban: what it means for old guns

www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2ylO5M7kP4 With the government holding a consultation on lead shot, lead pellets for airguns and lead bullets, it’s time to act and make your views know. Dan Reynolds form BASC explains the timeline of the consultation anbd Diggory Hadoke from VintageGuns.co.uk says what will happen to prices for old shotguns. Take part in the consultation 

Are bunnies bouncing back?

www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cj2hOFkE7s Tom Davies finds a field with a rabbit problem in Devon. Is that unusual? Well, yes. Rabbits populations have dropped across the UK as RHD (rabbit haemorrhagic disease) takes hold. He says this may be a sign that British rabbits are turning a corner and coming back.   Click here for Pulsar Find Tom […]