Olympic shooting team preview – Fieldsports News, 21 July 2021

www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vQUVoXDXPA Here are the links:GB shooting team Olympic medal hopes – Fieldsports NewsLabour’s rural England policy consultation nears end – Labour PartyBASC shows how hysteria about heather burning is nonsense – FacebookShoots celebrate osprey success – BASCFamilies fear relatives’ remains after badgers spotted at Berwick cemetery – ChronicleShoot marks 25th anniversary of Disabled Shooters Group […]

Hit by the Guntrader hack? Here’s what to do

Here’s how you can quickly establish which of your accounts and passwords might have been compromised during the Guntrader hack.   by Alex Sorisi   Like many of you, I’ve been a member of Guntrader, both wistfully and actively, for many years.  Although it has been more than four years since I last actually logged […]

Guntrader.uk hacked – anger and denials

A hacker has stolen information from the market-leading gun sales site Guntrader.uk. The data consists of  names and addresses of  registered users of the site, according to Guntrader.uk founder Alexander Andover. The data includes no details of guns or whether the users are gun owners. According to a report on the EnglishShooting Facebook page, the […]

Going for gold: Claysports TV’s guide to shooting at Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo Olympic Games are here – and Great Britain is sending a small but elite squad of shooters to fight for medals. Here’s our guide to who’s competing in what event and when, and how you can follow their progress towards Olympic glory. Other than Amber Hill (who pulled out before her events due […]

Poaching, poison and politicians: the real threats to the rhino

youtu.be/0EZZvKZYlhk A gangster in an expensive coat and a Lincoln Model L stops on a bridge on the Canadian border. He is there to meet a lorry from Canada and check its shipment of whiskey. What he doesn’t know is that Eliot Ness and his ‘Untouchables’ cops are waiting in a nearby building, and the […]

Calling in deer with dog toys

www.youtube.com/watch?v=53lV-53NZpw When it comes to roe calls, you can go expensive with a buttolo call, or you can go cheap. Deer manager Tom Davies does just that, seeing if he can call in roe using a squeaky dog toy – and Charlie tries out a Swanee whistle. Plus they are now looking for a record […]

Fieldsports Britain – thermal safari

www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDWKBCVxLlQ Imagine a wildlife park where you can eat the antelope. There is one – and it’s in Norfolk. Watatunga Wildlife Reserve outside King’s Lynn is home to rare species including hog deer, lechwe and sitatunga plus birds such as the great bustard. The park takes a realistic view of deer and antelope management, so […]

#LetsLearnMoor – Fieldsports News, 14 July 2021

www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4Fo5FSjI8E Here are the links:Schoolkids learn about grouseshooting and uplands – BASC + Facebook‘Animal sentience’ bill hits the buffers – ParliamentKenya denies knowledge of Kent elephant airlift plan – iNews + GuardianCampaigners want to ban elephants from UK zoos – SkyBPCA to consult members about gull fiasco – Pest Magazine + ZoomBorth zoo forced to […]

Digital Marketing and the future of hunting optics

Digital Marketing and the Future of Optics youtu.be/8S_Y9t9fQEc In this month’s industry insights interview for Fieldsports Channel for Business, Meredyth Grant catches up with Mark Karn Head of Sports Optics for Leica Camera Ltd in the UK to discuss digital marketing and the future of optics. Over Zoom, they talk about: How the optics market […]

Gerber Gear partners with Fieldsports Channel to secure a slice of the UK hunting audience

Gerber Gear partners with Fieldsports Channel to secure a slice of the UK hunting audience Gerber, an industry-leading manufacturer of knives and multi-tools, is the latest brand to collaborate on digital content with Fieldsports Channel. With an audience of logged-in engaged individual viewers numbering 9.5 million, more than 1.4 million average monthly views, 300,000+  subscribers, monthly […]

12-year-olds learn to shoot clays

youtu.be/8GzbjFqkHZE How does a youngster get into shooting? Tom Sadler and Arthur Warner are twelve-year-olds at the start of their shooting careers. They head to their local clay ground, Ian Coley in Gloucestershire, where instructor Matt Jones gives them a lesson. Find out how they get on, and how easy it is to take up […]

Seeland Buckthorn – waterproof, rugged legwear

youtu.be/dn-33ULbbvs Tough, rugged, waterproof protection for your legs is essential for beaters, stalkers, keepers and others working in the countryside. And if there’s one thing about Seeland’s Buckthorn range, it’s tough, says gamekeeper and deer manager David Whitby. “We expect our beaters to go through cover, whatever that might be – thorns, brambles and worse,” […]

Seeland Hawker Advance jacket & trousers – review

youtu.be/R8wnnc8dgTc Any gamekeeper or stalker demands a lot from his everyday clothing. It needs to be hardwearing, and keep you warm and dry, but still be comfortable when you’re walking uphill or filling pheasant feeders. Gamekeeper and deer manager David Whitby is a big fan of the Seeland Hawker jacket and trousers. He’s been using […]

The magic of membranes – how Härkila clothes keep you dry

youtu.be/rCybKrQBARA Härkila is highly regarded by hunters who rely on the clothing to keep them dry and comfortable in the toughest conditions – and as Härkila’s Simon Esnouf explains, the magic is in the membranes that they use. “We use a mixture,” he says. “Some of our garments use Gore-Tex, like our Pro Hunter jacket. […]

Fieldsports Britain – problem deer in a pen

youtu.be/0zJaRyF2aDg Paul has a problem muntjac to deal with on his Bedfordshire shoot. This is a job of work. It has got into a pheasant pen where it is in danger of scaring poults out of the pens and into the mouths of foxes. So he needs to shoot it, and he knows it’s likely […]

UK’s top clay grounds: list of lists

UK’s top clay grounds: list of lists Lots of websites offer lists of the UK’s best claygrounds. Here is the list of lists, also available as a Google map: Atkin Grant & Lang, Hertfordshire Set in woodland, the home of the famous gunmakers Atkin, Grant and Lang includes a gunshop with on-site gunsmith, and a […]

How to deal with anti-hunting newspapers

www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOR6efUAxHoWhen The Times newspaper decided to print its latest angry article about people going hunting, two of the people it planned to feature contacted Fieldsports Channel for advice. Here is our guide on how to deal with hate-speech in the media. Quick help If you need help with an anti-hunting journalist, email Charlie For pictures, find Pixsy at […]

Two lads try clayshooting

www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GzbjFqkHZE How does a youngster get into shooting? Tom Sadler and Arthur Warner are twelve-year-olds at the start of their shooting careers. They head to their local clayground, Ian Coley in Gloucestershire, where instructor Matt Jones gives them a lesson. Find out how they get on, and how easy it is to take up shooting. […]

Crow vs Childerley at the Jack Pyke Open 2021

The Jack Pyke Open at Sporting Targets in Bedfordshire is one of the highlights of the sporting clay shooting season, attracting nearly 1,000 entries over five days. Fieldsports Channel’s Andy Crow and Paul Childerley are usually spotted shooting pigeons, pheasants or deer – but they’ve taken time out of their busy schedules to shoot the […]

Choke Demon – shotgun choke removal tools

youtu.be/MFFT9F3OchE If you ever struggle getting your shotgun chokes out or your worried about over tightening then Richard Pinch has the product for you. For the full range of ChokeDemon products go to ChokeDemon.co.uk Use as part of your routine maintenance or for extracting stubborn or difficult to remove chokes.

Eco-Clay pigeons – Evolution and performance

youtu.be/MHToJcQx9nw CCI has produced a toxin free clay pigeon that performs as well as the pitch and coal tar traditional clays we all know and shoot. After spending lots of £££s, Johnny Goodhart’s company has created the perfect recipe of chalk and resin and a secret ingredient. But does it perform and what hurdles did […]

Steel shot vs clay pigeon – how far does it break them?

youtu.be/Nl1DLfzOzk8 While we were filming our steel vs barrels challenge at Orston Shooting Ground we asked professional clay coach and top competitor Nick Hendrick if he could see how far he could smash a CCI eco-clay with an Eley Eco Wad Cartridge. Let’s just say we started at 100 metres…

George Digweed MBE’s 130 yard shot: 10 years and 4.7 million views

youtu.be/Q0dMNgm49GY George relives the moment when infront of hundreds of spectators he breaks a clay at 130 yards using standard Gamebore shells. As part of an exhibition shoot at the Bisley Live event, George started at 10 yards and made his way back to the incredible distance of 130 yards. Not only was it a […]

Setting world records – Fieldtester, episode 9

It’s all about shooting world records in our new kit-testing show Fieldtester. Wayne Martin attempts to break the world record for shooting a clay pigeon with a catapultl. George Digweed talks about his 130-yard clay, which we filmed 10 years ago, and how that has inspired video after video on YouTube. We also look into […]

World Cup gold for GB women’s Olympic Trap team

Great Britain won gold in Women’s Olympic Trap at the ISSF Croatia World Cup. The team – Charlotte Hollands, Kirsty Hegarty and Sarah Wixey – won 6-4 to overcome Russia in the gold medal match in Osijek. Speaking after the match, Charlotte Hollands (centre of photo) said “It’s great to be out there with these […]

2022 Commonwealth Shooting Championships cancelled

The 2022 Commonwealth Archery and Shooting Championships, scheduled to take place in India, have been cancelled. The Championships were arranged after the controversial decision not to include shooting in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. The decision to cancel the event was taken by Commonwealth Games India and the Commonwealth Games Federation. They say it was […]

Pigeon decoying like the old days, with Andy Crow

Andy Crow learned pigeon shooting with his grandfather. Now it’s time to pass on his knowledge to his own grandson. He starts with how to make your own decoys, 1950s-style (see the film below). In this film (above) he gets to the important [art. Do they work? He uses them for a sunny afternoon’s pigeon […]

When do you shoot a fox with a .22?

www.youtube.com/watch?v=59T_1xXDpe4 Jaf Jefferson is out in Somerset after rabbits with a .22 rimfire. It needs vehicle, lamp, gate opener and night vision. And he comes across a fox. Under what conditions would you shoot a fox with a .22 (given that your FAC says you are allowed to)? Jaf explains his rules. Find the South […]

Fieldsports Britain – good, old-fashioned decoying

Knotty questions in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain: Andy Crow is putting his grandfather’s style of pigeonshooting to the test. Do home-painted decoys work as well as we hope? Meanwhile, in Somerset, Jaf Jefferson is out after rabbits with a .22LR and comes across a fox. Does he take the shot or not? David has the news […]

Win £150 Peltor earplugs – Fieldsports Extra #175

You can win Peltor EP-100 hearing protection, plus I hear from Andy Crow about early cartridges, Matt Gowman from Greenfields of Salisbury about his new rifle range, and journalist Emmanuel Koro about animal rights funding.  Click here for the Peltor EP-100s Click here for the Bug-A-Salt Orange Crush V3 For the grouseshooting story, visit Fcha.nl/grousedebate21 […]

Gateway 1 Pheasant Game wellies

Sergio Couto gives his boots a hard time. As a professional stalking guide, he’s out day after day in all weathers – and he’s very impressed with the Gateway 1 Pheasant Game wellies, a Danish brand that’s made in China. “They’re tough, really tough,” he says, “Comfortable too.” He explains that the secret is something […]

Parliament pummels Packham over grouseshooting

www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyjIyvwEze4 by Ben O’Rourke BBC TV’s Chris Packham wanted a debate that would lead to a ban on grouseshooting. Instead, he got a resounding thumbs-up for the sport, for its environmental, economic and social benefits. MPs lined up to criticise the assumptions behind Packham’s Westminster Hall debate on Monday 21 June 2021. Again and again, […]

Crow tree of doom

www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkptDjlVSnk Matt Turley asks Dan Thor to join him on his pig farm crow shooting duties in Somerset. First of all, up go the decoys into Matt’s newly erected ‘crow tree of doom’. Dan is more used to the corvid control they do in the Eastern Counties. So, is there a crow-shooting east-west divide? Matt […]

Scottish Aimpoint buck hunt

www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bTnJww9ou4 Scottish deerstalker Sergio Couto specialises in shooting with iron sights. Paul Childerley enters into the spirit of it by using an Aimpoint sight on his Sako S20. Together, they go out after roebuck. For the Sako S20, go to Sako.fiPaul uses an Aimpoint H-1 sightTo go stalking with Sergio Couto, visit SerCoutWildHarvest.com Find Paul Childerley on […]