Dartmoor Deer Services

www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbxWP2dMPdE Professional deer manager Tom Davies of Dartmoor Deer Services is out to shoot or at least spot three species of deer today. Dartmoor, where he lives, has the habitat for red deer, fallow and roe. He starts his day with a fallow cull outing on a local pheasant shoot. Then he heads into one […]

Pump-action squirrel hunt

www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUjIc-LqtuY Paul Childerley and Johnny Muston are on a squirrel-shooting mission – and they knock down a couple of dozen. The invasive grey squirrels are damaging trees, pheasant feeders, and are all set to prey on the songbird nesting season. By shooting out the squirrels’ dreys, Johnny and Paul can reduce numbers, and so reduce […]

Antis add weight to lead shot ban pressure – Fieldsports News, 24 February 2021

Here are the links: Most pheasants sold for food ‘contain lead shot’ – BBC Tory thinktank wants probe into PM’s fiancée – Fieldsports News Call for Scotland to become first ever ‘rewilding’ nation – MSN Dead hinds and calves shock walkers – The Times and SGA Scotland’s country sports tourism sector to get lockdown relief […]

Win £650 ear plugs – Fieldsports Extra #157

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Singers post videos showing ‘murder’ of shooters

A new music video showing the murder of grouseshooters has captured the imagination of animal rights extremists. Bloggers including Ruth Tingay are promoting Burn The Heather from the pop group The Lounge Society, which shows a firing squad killing a moorland shooting party. Meanwhile, the new music video from singer Ben Howard, called What A […]

Tories call for probe into Carrie Symonds’ influence at Number 10

Are animal rights extremists taking control of the government in England? Conservative Party think tank The Bow Group is calling for an inquiry into the influence the PM’s fiance Carrie Symonds has in the UK government. Concerns have grown since Number 10 hired two of Symonds’ allies were hired as advisers. A vocal supporter of […]

Competition companies give away guns

Competition companies are moving into hunting and shooting. The industry that raffles cars at airports has expanded during the coronavirus lockdown into selling tickets to win guns. Where shooters are used to paying £25 or more for a ticket to win a gun from one of the shooting organisations, now companies such as Hunter Giveaways, […]

Ferreting: big last day of the season

www.youtube.com/watch?v=hva6NyI3Lik It’s the South Somerset Ferreters last day of the 2020/21 season, and they are at on a hedgerow in where eight years ago they had their best ever day – more than 60 rabbits. Find out how they get on this time. Find the South Somerset Ferreters on Facebook and YouTubeFind Nelson’s Net Loft […]

Hot foxing

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jn2MGM9Rhzc Roy Lupton and David Wright go out foxing for Valentine’s. The two old romantics squeak in foxes, shoot them and film them on Pulsar thermal spotters. They use the Pulsar Trail 2 and Pulsar Accoland, and Roy gives his tips on how to use the zoom most effectively. For more about Pulsar’s range of […]

Fieldsports Britain – Foxshooting date for Valentine’s night ❤️

FSB ep586 Thumb

Foxes have mated, there are a few vixens looking for love, and Roy wants a buddy to joint him on Valentine’s Night for a foxshooting outing. He gets David. The pair of them are squeaking in foxes in Kent, plus using the latest thermal imaging from Pulsar to help them. That’s not all. Charlie is […]

Kent Wildlife Trust threatens anglers with eviction

www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1iJpM03t9U “The world has changed,” says Dennis Puttock, secretary for the Bromley District Angling Society, which was recently dealt a staggering blow.  More than 70 years ago, the BDAS began fishing at what is now Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve. Over that time, the reserve’s lakes, fish, trees and habitat in general have been monitored and managed […]

1,000th member knife – Fieldsports Extra #156

▶ For Katie Hargreaves, go to KatieHargreavesArt.com ▶ Here’s Dean on knife shapes   ▶ ADG Custom Knives (5% off if you are a Fieldsports Nation member) ▶ Fieldsports Channel snood ▶ Click here for the members’ area of the website (if you are logged in to the website as a member) ▶ Join the Fieldsports Nation at Fcha.nl/membership ▶ […]

Government in ‘civil war’ over rivers

youtu.be/Hn9zRl04u_U A farmer is still under investigation by the Environment Agency two months after he carried out works on a river that, he says, the Environment Agency ordered. The case is leading to wider questions over who has responsibility for England’s rivers, and whether environmental activists appointed to government positions such as Tony Juniper and […]

Custom knifemakers – the best of the best

The most expensive knives in the world are – disappointingly – there to look at, not to use. However, there is a new strand in British knifemaking that makes utilitarian knives which are also custommade for users to use. They are designed around what people want to do. We have made a series of films […]

Three British shooting magazines to fold

Three of the UK’s shooting magazines are to merge with other magazines. Contributors to the magazines confirm that the monthly title Sporting Rifle is to become part of the weekly Shooting Times, the monthly Shooting Gazette is to be absorbed into the monthly The Field, and the monthly Clay Shooting is to be a section […]

Spartan bipod system review

A good rest will transform your accuracy with a rifle, and most shooters will use a bipod or sticks depending on their type of shooting. Traditional rests can be fiddly and clumsy to carry and use, but Spartan has transformed all that with a modern range of modular supports that are lightweight and brilliantly designed. […]

Nikko Stirling Diamond FFP First Focal Plane rifle scope review

youtu.be/oMN9Zkgf_XYRyan Charlton of distributor Highland Outdoors has used the 4-16×44 scope he sells with half mil-dot reticle on his own rimfire. He says he has had hits out to 300 yards using a combination of dialling in holdover and using the reticle as his aim point. There are plenty of precision scopes for centrefire rifles, but […]

Patagonia confirms cash for grouse-shooting ban group Moorland Monitors

US clothing giant Patagonia confirms it is paying money to anti-hunting group Moorland Monitors. It has given Moorland Monitors a financial grant for an indisclosed amount plus two years’ access to the ‘Patagonia Action Works platform’ which will help the animal rights extremists raise money and reach a wider audience on social media. Patagonia entered […]

Survey shows alarming increase in gamekeeper abuse

Two-thirds of gamekeepers across the UK have received abuse and threats because of their job. That’s the shock finding of a survey by BASC, Countryside Alliance, Game Farmers Association and National Gamekeepers Organisation. More than 1,000 people responded to the survey held at the end of 2020. Abuse on social media is rising, according to […]

On test: Leica Calonox View

www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT-2N0W_Fs4 Roy has a new toy. Mr Lupton has his hands on the new Leica thermal unit, the Calonox View, and he has an invitation to stalk fallow deer in Sussex. It’s a good chance to put the spotter through its paces, and to bring home a beast for the freezer. A herd of fallow […]

Fieldsports Britain – thermal deerhunter

As thermal spotters become the must-have tool for anyone managing wildlife, Roy Lupton takes the new Leica Calonox View out after fallow. He is stalking in Sussex as the guest of Paul Smith of Wealden Game. Down in Devon, Tom Davies is also using a thermal/night vision combination for a big night on the rabbits. […]

Big night rabbit shooting

www.youtube.com/watch?v=23CUMvZ8nSM A farmer has got a rabbit problem in Devon. Tom Davies is out to sort it out with his .17HMR, night vision and thermal. Tom uses a £300 CZ rimfire, Pard007 night vision on a Hawke scope, Viperflex sticks, and a Pulsar XQ50 spotter. Find Tom on Facebook and InstagramClick here for all our […]

RSPB’s Geltsdale reserve: a flagship flop

www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6_szmfI3YA Ben O’Rourke The only evidence Geltsdale nature reserve in Cumbria was ever a grousemoor that hosted shoots is the former hunting lodge, which is now the RSPB’s visitor centre. The charity took over in the late 1990s and it’s been mostly downhill since then for the moorland bird population.  In 2006, Geltsdale was taken […]

Win a picture – Fieldsports Extra #155

▶ For Wayne’s catapults, go to Cattyshack.co.uk▶ For Katie Hargreaves, go to KatieHargreavesArt.com▶ Blaser sticks offer – and quote FEB21▶ Rob Fickling on ducks – Fieldsports News▶ Blood Origins ▶ Niall Rowantree skinning film or his own website▶ Tom Davies rabbitting set-up film ▶ For the winch, email  requesting purchase, and quote FSTV01▶ For the members’ area […]

Getting to know Cai ap Bryn – Fieldsports Channel Podcast, episode 40


Testicles, crucifixes and nuclear reactors A slight change in podcast style this episode as David and Aaron thought it would be a good idea to hijack the Fieldsports radio station and call Cai ap Bryn. You may know Cai as our star in the Hunt & Cook series. However did you know he works in […]

Aussie duck shooter fury at short season

   youtu.be/7DJGQNlQFo0 The state of Victoria has announced a short season and a low bag limit for ducks. Local duck shooters are furious and say that, following the wettest summer for a decade and a record wildlife breeding season, the government is acting on ideological grounds, not on science. The law says duckshooters can take […]

Fieldsports Extra – episode 154

Fieldsports extra ep154 pic

For Wayne’s catapults, go to www.cattyshack.co.ukThat wild boar www.facebook.com/franck.pasquali.1/posts/733772767571577 Macron youtu.be/O8TyA7pGxxk Bruce’s Shooting www.instagram.com/p/CKns3gUB-uo/ 5% off thermal – www.clunycountrystore.co.uk/collections/guide-thermal-imagers – code is GUIDE5 Bill Harriman www.fieldsportschannel.tv/government-plans-airgun-rule-change-for-teenagers/Join the Fieldsports Nation on our website fcha.nl/membershipJoin the Fieldsports Nation on Facebook www.facebook.com/pg/fieldsportschannel/supporters/ If you are a YouTube or Facebook member or Patreon supporter and you have not had a goodie box, please email […]

Campfire popcorn – recipe

Ingredients: Popcorn kernels Oil or butter (in a tin or a pan) Metal sieve Tin foil All you are going to do is toast them over a fire until they pop, coat them in oil or butter, and either add salt, sugar, or however you like your popcorn. First, coat the kernels in oil, put […]

Best stalker’s breakfast – Hunt & Cook

Cai is out deerstalking in the early morning. He has a mission in mind: to take a fallow doe for the freezer and to cook up a magnificent stalker’s breakfast, with all the trimmings. Here’s how he gets on – and how you can do it yourself. Click here for all our films with Cai, […]

Natural England in muirburn muddle – Fieldsports News, 3 February 2021

Here are the links: Government thinks heather burning damages peat bogs – Government press release GWCT muirburn reaction – GWCT Mars Bar vs Muirburn film – Facebook Peak District Moorland Group burns over ice – Facebook Bumpy end to 2020/21 game season – Facebook Avian influenza touches down in Anglesey Minister wants to stop teens […]

One side’s for people, the other for hunting – guess which?

youtu.be/mz6zv7YTsFY If you want to see the difference between hunting areas and non-hunting areas in Tanzania, biologist Karen Seginak took these photos from her aeroplane as she flew into a hunting block.    In every picture, the biodiverse wood and scrub is the hunting area. The slashed and burned fields are the almost wildlife-free farms.  […]

Government plans airgun rule change for teenagers

the Home Office is proposing to ban 14-to-17-year-olds from using airguns unsupervised. The plan is in the Home Office’s firearms safety consultation.  The proposal will see teenagers only being able to undertake pest control or target practice when in the presence of someone over the age of 21, and will have an impact on thousands of […]

The future for the sporting rifle – Fieldtester, episode 5

youtu.be/UQ1Ir0FkNTY In this month’s Fieldtester show, Tim Pilbeam leads a group of 13 stalkers who shoot 100s of deer a year, to find out how good or bad copper bullets are. The aim is to group-test copper bullets and check it’s accurate and it kills. In this month’s show, we find out about accuracy, one […]

Will a cheap riflescope work?

youtu.be/3H9ZYG1fxbY Just because a riflescope is expensive, does it work better? Dan Pool from Braces of Bristol says he can’t see a difference in optics over a certain price level. He says you pay more for a scope for its resale value and for its reliability and after-sales service. For more from Braces of Bristol, […]

Airgun pellet gel test

youtu.be/yF7oJwvzfac How good are these pellets at killing?– H&N Baracuda Green– Webley Velocipell– Webley Mosquito Express– Webley VMX PellAirgun expert Johnny Muston from R&K Stockcraft puts them through their paces on ballistic gel to find out. For more from R&K Stockcraft, visit RKStockcraft.co.uk

Copper bullet accuracy test

youtu.be/OM0o97qkwiE We test six copper rounds for accuracy. This is part of a project run by Tim Pilbeam where 13 deerstalkers keep diaries of how copper bullets perform for them. Stalkers include Steve Goodwin, Steve Bull, Alison Otway of OtwaysMeatandGame.co.uk, gamekeeper Rob Beeney and David Sadler set about finding out about copper ammunition. We will […]

Leica Amplus 6 riflescope – review

youtu.be/R98moTyIQKU Leica has a new entry-level riflescope. Of course, entry level to a top-end name such as Leica does not mean it is under £1,000. However, Tim Pilbeam says that for the money – £1,400 – you get all the Leica quality most of us could want. Tim tried out the 2.5-15×56, which has 6x […]

What to do with a pellet stuck in an airgun barrel?

youtu.be/qF1X_xOi_TQ Airgun expert Johnny Muston from R&K Stockcraft explains how to clear your airgun barrel – and tells a few horror stories about barrels that are past saving. For more from R&K Stockcraft, visit RKStockcraft.co.uk

Catching rabbits at a turf farm

The lovely turf at Wembley and Wimbledon comes from turf farms, and turf farms are magnets for rabbits. The South Somerset Ferreters answer the call to ferret the rabbits at a turf farm. It’s the first sporting action this turf will see – and it’s just as exciting and active as a cup final. Find […]