Steiner Ranger 8 4-32×56 riflescope

Deer stalker Ollie Williams is a sponsored Steiner user, and he’s been using the Steiner Ranger 8 4-32×56 riflescope. He acknowledges that it’s probably more scope than he needs. “I rarely shoot anything over 100 yards,” he says. “I zeroed it once, maybe six months ago, and never had to touch it since.” He knows […]

Fieldsports Britain – wonderland hunting Paul and David are bowled over – literally – by the Arctic landscape they are hunting this week. Paul is after capercaillie and he travels with David to Swedish Lapland to see what the place has to offer. Sit back and enjoy the results. That’s not all. In Cornwall, Ollie Williams is after either […]

Why use Steiner LRF binoculars for hunting?

Steiner is the brand of binoculars that the UK government chooses for the British Army. That says a lot about their quality and ruggedness. But are they suitable for hunting? Deer manager and sporting agent Ollie Williams reckons they are. He’s a sponsored Steiner binoculars user, and uses Steiner’s Ranger LRF model for deerstalking. He […]

Trophy import bill is racist, says MP by Deborah Hadfield Bill Wiggin MP is leading the opposition to a private members’ bill by MP Henry Smith to ban the import of hunting trophies. It’s not just conservation madness in the name of animal rights, it’s racist, too. He says: “I am very, very sensitive about racism. And I spoke out against […]

Soggy squirrel shoot Geoff Garrod has his work cut out finding squirrels to shoot on the land he gamekeepers. He knows they are there but, sensibly, they are staying out of the rain, leaving Geoff wet and squirrel-less – well, nearly.  For Browning, visit For Eley Hawk, go to For Browning Maxus 2 semi-autos for […]

Shoot sabs: what to do when they hit sabs hit your shoot, what do you do? That’s what happened when we were out filming a shoot day. Former Metropolitan Police detective Ian Jensen and BASC spokesman Gareth Dockerty give their advice.  Download the shoot sabs card here Click here for more information on your legal rights, what to do if confronted by […]

Game meat fuels top restaurant’s success by Deborah Hadfield Game meat, venison and duck are helping a Cornish restaurant fly high.  The magazine Condé Nast Traveller voted the Ugly Butterfly at Carbis Bay Hotel one of the top restaurants in the UK. Part of its success is sourcing game locally.  Head chef Connor Blades says they source their meat from […]

Which airgun calibre? .22 or .177? It’s the age-old question. Which airgun calibre is best, .22 or .177? South-west of England Field Target Association champion James Head, of Crackshot UK, says it’s largely a matter of personal preference. “The two calibres are equally accurate. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be,” he explains. “The difference is that the .177 flies […]

Why Henry Smith MP’s trophy imports bill is already obsolete. by Deborah Hadfield Would you like a lion in your living room? You won’t be breaking any laws if you do – not even the upcoming private member’s bill by MP Henry Smith in Westminster to ban the import of hunting trophies.  These lions are flawless, realistic fakes. They can be designed to be […]

Epic African carp fishing Charlie is fishing for carp on the fly in South Africa. He is on the Vanderkloof Dam, one of the biggest bodies of water in southern Africa, where the carp herd to the edge of the lake to feast on caterpillars.   For fishing at Vanderkloof, visit More fishing here:

Shooting foxes off a carp pond Foxes eat all manner of wildlife and rubbish. This is the first time that Paul Childerley has found them devouring koi carp from a carp pond. Armed with his Sako S20, he is out to discourage them.   For more about Sako, go to Find Paul on Instagram and Facebook  More from Paul:

How to renew your Fieldsports Nation Membership

If you sign up as an annual member of the Fieldsports Nation your membership will automatically renew each year, unless you select otherwise or choose to cancel. Monthly subscriptions will renew automatically for 12 months and then you will need to sign up again. Renewing your membership is easy. You can do it from a […]

Win a £195 tweed gilet – Fieldsports Extra, episode 262

Play Video You can win a tweed reviersible gilet from Pin Piuma priced at £195. Plus, Cathy Mayne talks about hunting trophies and Charlie is in hot water in South Africa.This week’s prizes and other links:Shooterking Pin PiumaWest Highland Hunting Packham case on Fieldsports NewsSelous Flyfishing Camp Skiing cockerels How to enter Fieldsports Nation competitions: for members on […]

Roy’s Portuguese boar hunt When it comes to fast-action shooting on driven big game hunts, Roy Lupton is one of the UK’s top shots. He goes to a Portuguese montería to try his hand at speedy wild boar, and finds out what it takes to put on a huge and complex hunt.   For Tikka rifles, go to […]

Fieldsports Britain – driven wild *porco* 🐗 We’re hunting and fishing in northern and southern Europe this week. Roy Lupton has a multi-day montería in Portugal to enjoy, with wild boar a-go-go. Meanwhile, Niall Rowantree is in Lapland fishing for salmon, loving it, and explaining how he has given up on salmon in Scotland. Also in Scotland, the Assynt Crofters are […]

Battle of Quinag in Scottish Highlands heats up by Deborah Hadfield Crofters in the Scottish Highlands are asking: ‘Is it a cull too far?’ as the John Muir Trust uses out-of-season licences to shoot deer at night on the Quinag estate. The Assynt Crofters Trust, or ACT, depends on the animals for its commercial deer stalking operation. Now it plans forcibly to […]

Win £160 of Shooterking clothing – Fieldsports Extra, episode 261

Play Video You can win a Moorland jacket and Moorland trousers from Shooterking priced at £160. Plus, Charlie is in the USA at the Safari Club International convention, Roy is in Portugal and Niall Rowantree is in Lapland, Birmingham and Tennessee. My, that man gets around.This week’s prizes and other links:Best Fox Call IcoTec Rascal […]

What’s the best rimfire rifle in 2023?

Rimfire rifles are still as popular as ever, says Ian Hodge of West Country gunshop and online retailer Ian Hodge Fieldsports – and his two best sellers are the semi-auto Ruger 10-22 and the Browning T-Bolt. The Ruger is in .22 calibre, while he picks a T-Bolt in .17HMR. Both are relatively short in the […]

How not to roost-shoot pigeons It could have been superb – but Dan Thor is  having a bad day. The pigeons are flocking into the wood where they roost in Essex. However, there’s no wind. They are coming in too high. Here’s how he copes with a pigeon roost-shoot day going wrong.   For Browning and Miroku guns go […]

Firearms licensing in the spotlight at the British Shooting Show

by Deborah Hadfield Shooters came face to face with firearms licensing officers at the British Shooting Show. Officers from three police forces, Devon & Cornwall, West Mercia, and Warwickshire went to the 2023 event in Birmingham to meet shooters. The police staff were there to help with variations and offer practical advice on how to […]

How to film a big game hunt

Play Video Charlie Jacoby is with a professional hunter from the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School. Edwin Corney is turning his hand to filming and Charlie is training him to film for Fieldsports Channel. Here’s how he gets on during a sable antelope hunt.Click here for more from the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School  Here’s […]

Fieldsports Britain – Dan Thor’s pigeon predicament

It was all looking so good. The pigeons are pouring into the wood, the guns are spread out, but Dan Thor is about to have one of the worst roost-shooting outings of his shooting career. Find out what goes wrong in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain. Plus, Charlie is in South Africa asking why London politicians want […]

Win a fox caller priced at £99 – Fieldsports Extra, episode 260

Play Video You can win an IcoTec Rascal foxcaller from Best Fox Call priced at £99. Plus the latest on Chris Packham’s proposed court case against us, how the British Shooting went, with a police firearms enquiry officer explaining himself, and Charlie is training a new cameraman in Africa.This week’s prizes and other links:Bailey’s Shooting […]

British government’s back-door ban on shooters who have lived abroad The government’s new policy of granting gun certificates on production of medical records is penalising people who have lived abroad and don’t have medical records. Charlie Jacoby meets two people like that at the 2023 British Shooting Show. David Taylor is a British citizen who has lived his life in South Africa, where doctors […]

British Shooting Show 2023 – for gun collectors

Did you think the 2023 British Shooting Show is only all about shiny, new kit? There’s plenty there for the gun collector, too. Charlie Jacoby chats to Diggory Hadoke from about what he found.

Saudi falcon racing Saudi Arabia is mad about falcon racing – so much so they’ve built a huge stadium to host it in the middle of the desert. We join a GB falcon racing team as they put on an exhibition event showing off a new style of simulated hunt racing, developed in the UK by Dr. […]

Scientists warn trophy hunting ban would be ‘catastrophic’ On the hunt in Africa: Ed Sargeant is a Brit and new to hunting in Africa. Guided by trainee professional hunters from the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School in South Africa, he is out for his first stalk. Ed says: “We saw a small group of springboks. We followed them, but they just kept […]

Fieldsports Britain – Shooting long range gongs and deer

Paul Childerley needs to cull Chinese water deer in a field so big he can’t stalk close enough. Perhaps Zeiss ambassador and PRS shooter Andy Simpson-Nix can help – and convince him to give PRS competition a go too. We’re in Saudi Arabia to see how British falcons compete in a race under the desert […]

Best spring air rifle: Air Arms TX200 vs Weihrauch HW97

They’re two of the finest spring-powered air rifles ever made – but which is the best, the Air Arms TX200 or the Weihrauch HW97? James Head of Crackshot UK, the Devon and online airgun centre, is in no doubt. “There’s pros and cons for both and in the end it comes down to personal choice, […]

Government to pay shooters to kill foxes Managing predators is a daily battle for farmers, gamekeepers and landowners. Now the government signals it will recognise this effort and pay shooters for the work. It doesn’t say when or how much, but it includes predator control in the latest round of proposed farm subsidies. Foxshooter Mike Dickinson, who runs Calton Moor Range […]