Statement in Open Court

IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE KING’S BENCH DIVISION Media and Communications List Before Mr/s Justice [xxx] Between:- Claim No. KB-2023-000965 CHRIS PACKHAM CBE Claimant -and- FIELDSPORTS CHANNEL LIMITED ANDREW O’ROURKE Defendants STATEMENT IN OPEN COURT   Carol Day, Claimant’s Representative My [Lord], in this action for defamation, I appear on behalf of the Claimant, […]

Win a £250 cool box – Fieldsports Extra, episode 300

Play Video We are giving away a Yeti cool box priced at £250. Plus we have deer drone operator Ben Harrower, Rajeev Mathew gives an update on the tiger hunting debate in India, we introduce our new news editor Andy Ford, and Laura Saunsbury, who co-wrote the definitive book about British gun law, says how […]

Stalking knives for under £100

You can buy a basic knife that will do the job for around £15, but what if you want something a little more refined? You don’t have to spend hundreds to get a good quality, stylish gralloching knife, says Dan Bibb of Shooting Sports UK. He highlights the Spyderco Bow River with laminated handle, at […]

Leighton Long Mountain high pheasants with the Seated Gun

JP Gaudin – The Seated Gun – takes on some seriously high driven pheasants at the stunning family-run Leighton Long Mountain shoot in Mid-Wales. He experiences four seasons’ weather in one drive, enjoys glorious scenery and memorable hospitality, and brings down some cracking birds with his favourite Eley Zenith cartridges. Find out more about Eley […]

Shooting farmyard feral pigeons with an air rifle

Instagram star Dan Thor goes back to his roots, shooting feral pigeons around the farmyard with an air rifle. The gun is a step up from his old break-barrel Weihrauch – it’s a fancy new Air Arms S510 fitted with a Hawke scope. The birds are proving tricky, and it’s difficult to see them clearly […]

Fieldsports Britain – Dan Thor goes feral Dan Thor swaps his shotgun for an air rifle and goes after feral pigeons in a nostalgic stroll around the farmyard where his dad grew up. JP Gaudin, The Seated Gun, takes on high-flying pheasants at the stunning, family-run Leighton Long Mountain shoot in Mid-Wales. Plus Aim to Sustain’s Ian Coghill lays into the […]

Win gin – Fieldsports Extra, episode 299

Play Video We are giving away a case of 6 bottles of gin priced at £227, kindly donated by the Wrecking Coast Distillery, in this week’s Fieldsports Extra. Plus we have Dan Thor airgunning ferals, a gamekeeper in Wales, Lee Allison, talking about how his shoot helps the local area, Ian Coghill on facing off […]

Crispi boots – the stalker’s favourite

Crispi boots are a favourite with hill stalkers and others who want dry, comfortable feet after a hard day’s walking in all kinds of terrain and undergrowth. Jane Keen of Cluny Country Store explains why the boots are proving so popular. “We stock the Crispi Hunter boots, which have been called ‘hill slippers’ by some […]

Wales plans backdoor shooting ban – Fieldsports News, 15 November 2023

Here are the links: Wales backdoor shoot ban – BASC Fieldsports writer’s guns seized – X (formerly Twitter) Scottish snare ban – Scottish Land and Estates and Rural mobile phone coverage – Countryside Alliance New DEFRA Secretary – Countryside Alliance Game meat for homeless – The Guardian Namibia won’t sign treaty – Avian flu […]

Airgun rat action with Terry Doe

Where there are chickens there are usually rats. That’s bad news for the owner of the fancy fowl, but great news for Terry Doe, former editor-in-chief of Airgun World, who has a load of new kit to deal with our pest problem. Unfortunately the quality of the image through the Infiray day/night scope and thermal […]

Fieldsports Britain – Cannibal rat shooting It’s a thermal bonanza this week. Airgun supremo Terry Doe is shooting cannibal rats around the chicken coops with the aid of an Infiray thermal spotter. Plus Robert Bucknell and his foxing-mad gamekeeper John are trying out the latest thermal gear from Pulsar. We’ve also got an update on new thermal spotters from HIK […]

Thermal foxshooting masterclass with Robert Bucknell

Essex foxshooter Robert Bucknell has got his hands on the latest thermal kit from Pulsar – the Telos XP50 monocular, and the binocular Merger, both with a built-in laser rangefinder. Robert and his gamekeeper, John, have been giving the units a thorough test in the field. John, who shoots 100 foxes a year with his […]

Steel shot should not force you to sell your old gun

Yes, that’s Nigel Farage. An evening with the Blacker family in Cornwall sees local shooters (and Nigel) bring in their guns for assessment. Bill Blacker and his sons Jim and Matt are among the foremost gunmakers and gunsmiths in the UK, and they advise on how to save your old gun and use it with […]

Win a Bergara shooting seat – Fieldsports Extra, episode 298

We are giving away a shooting seat from Bergara priced at £99, kindly donated by Artemis Outdoors, in this week’s Fieldsports Extra. Plus we have a parade of grand old men: Terry Doe for the airgunners, Robert Bucknell for the foxshooters and a member oif the Blacker family for the gunmakers.This week’s prizes and other […]

HIKMicro Condor thermal viewer and Thunder thermal riflescope with optical zoom

If you want the very latest in thermal viewers and riflescopes at a sensible price, then HIKMicro’s latest products are worth a look – the Condor monoculars and the revolutionary Thunder, the first thermal riflescope with optical zoom. Join Dan Chart from Fieldsports Channel as he teams up with Hikmicro’s expert, Richard Ryan, for an […]

Magnificent driven game at Warter Priory

Fieldsports Nation member Pete Thompson enjoys an unforgettable day at Warter Priory in East Yorkshire, which he bought in our auction to support our legal battle with BBC presenter Chris Packham. The estate is famous for world-class driven game shooting, and has hosted royalty and world leaders. Head keeper Frank Croft explains how he’s not […]

Top-flight Welsh partridges

We’re shooting massive Welsh partridges on the Mighty Garth with Paul Childerley, Fieldsports Nation member Gary Froggatt, and shoot owner James Davies Cooke’s old mates from his days at Sparsholt. With the Welsh government attacking fieldsports at every opportunity, this could be our last chance to enjoy outstanding sport and wonderful hospitality in these stunning […]

RSPB targets pheasant pens – Fieldsports News, 8 November 2023 Here are the links: RSPB targets pheasant pens – Shoots attack United Utilities – Labour would stop badger cull – Trophy import ban is racist – Call to make trap-wrecking illegal – Pie & pea fundraising supper – Facebook ‘Racist’ bird names changed – US hunting and fishing […]

Fieldsports Britain – Packham, partridges and high pheasants Our legal battle with Packham is over – we explain what it all means. We’re shooting top flight Welsh partridges with Paul Childerley, Fieldsports Nation member Gary and the Sparsholt massive. Plus it’s a win-win at Warter Priory. Pete Thompson, another Fieldsports Nation member, helps fund our legal battle and enjoys a world-class driven […]

Win a £150 shooting lesson – Fieldsports Extra, episode 297

We are giving away a shooting lesson priced at £150, kindly donated by the Oxford Gun Company, in this week’s Fieldsports Extra. Plus we’re wrapping up the Packham defamation hearing with member Gary Froggatt and our own David Wright. And a loader called Pete explains why he sprays his gun’s barrels with oil between drives.This […]

Airflo Fishing Open Championship 2023

Andy Ford is off to Rutland Water where the country’s top reservoir trout specialists are battling it out over two days for the title of Airflo fishing open champion. Plus there’s controversy: should the competition be catch-and-kill or catch-and-release? The anglers decide… For more on AirFlo fishing competitions, including the results of this one, go […]

Hunting Irish sika with wonky noses

Paul Childerley is in the Wicklow hills battling the Irish weather to get onto a sika stag in the rut. He’s keen to experience the eerie whistling and argy bargy that make this a magical time of year in these awe-inspiring mountains. After a lung-busting climb and some close calls, Paul finally gets the opportunity […]

Fieldsports Britain – stormy sika stalk

Paul Childerley is in the Wicklow hills battling the Irish weather and treacherous terrain to get onto a sika stag in the rut. A team of young guns try out driven pheasant shooting in Devon – and they’re not paying a penny. Trout anglers vote on whether to knock catch-and-release on the head. Jeremy Wade […]

Young shots’ free pheasant day

Ashtree Shoot in South Devon has found a brilliant way to get youngsters into shooting. It gives up an early-season day for its own guns so it can invite two dozen newbies to give the sport a go. The set-up is simple. Guns double up on pegs, shooting every other drive, and mentors including pro […]

Win Bollé shooting glasses – Fieldsports Extra, episode 296

Play Video We are giving away Bollé Altus shooting glasses priced at around £100 in this week’s Fieldsports Extra. Plus we’re with deerstalkers Martin Curran and Tom Garner, staghunter David Renney, deer (and other mammal) campaigner Jim Barrington, angler Jeremy Wade and, from New Zealand, Katie Hargreaves and Rich Leonard.This week’s prizes and other links:Santoku […]

Yankee squirrels vs Ukrainian airgun James Marchington reviews a Ukrainian pre-charged pneumatic bullpup air rifle, the Zbroia Sapsan. Once it’s pumped up and zeroed, it’s off to a local pheasant shoot to deal with some pesky grey squirrels which are helping themselves to grain from the pheasant feeders – but hunting squirrels in early autumn isn’t as easy as […]

BASC uncovers gun certificate police error – Fieldsports News, 25 October 2023

Here are the links: Backdated shotgun certificates: BASC investigates police blunder – BASC Countryside Alliance praises Suffolk council – Countryside Alliance Scottish trailhunting ban ‘may be illegal’ – Nature.Scot Trailcams to monitor people in Jersey countryside – BBC Marmot hunting to continue in France – FranceTVInfo Norway deer collisions up 15% – Australia takes […]

Tim tests Swarovski Z8i+ scope

‘Circle, red dot, kill’ – that’s what you want a scope to do for you, says Tim Pilbeam, and the Swarovski Z8i+ does it. He is out on his range in Sussex with local deerstalkers and a gunsmith to put the scope through its paces and see what the advantages are. For more about the […]

Fieldsports Britain – new Swaro scope

Tim Pilbeam is going bang in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain. He has his hands on the new Swarovski Z8i+ scope and he and his deerstalking friends are putting it through its paces on his range in Sussex. Elsewhere in the county, squirrels are under threat from a Ukrainian airgun. James Marchington reviews the Zbroia Sapsan and […]

Win a Flint & Flames knife – Fieldsports Extra, episode 295

Play Video We are giving away a Flint & Flames knife priced at £125 in this week’s Fieldsports Extra. Plus Tim Pilbeam has a new Swarovski scope to play with, Tristan Breijer from FACE explains the anti/pro-hunting battle lines, and we have a pair of American Fieldsports Nation members: Dan Hill in the rain in […]

40% off Flint & Flames game larder products

Use discount code fieldsports40 Offer expires at midnight on 4th December 2023   Offer includes the following knife sets:  Basic game larder set Pro series game larder set Game larder set with canvas knife Game larder set with knife block Game larder set with magnetic knife strip 

Fieldsports Britain – Fallow for the freezer Cai Ap Bryn’s freezers are running low after a hectic summer serving up venison at high profile events like the Game Fair at Ragley. Now he’s after a fallow buck to replenish his stocks of healthy wild meat. Meanwhile, Charlie is in Africa, hunting wary hartebeest with the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School, and […]

How to track a hartebeest with a loo roll Charlie is on a plainsgame hunt in South Africa with the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School, where he has trouble with hartebeest and learns a new technique for tracking wounded game… toilet paper. You can learn to be a PH, or go hunting with the students, at the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School Watch […]

Cai goes shopping for a fallow Cai Ap Bryn’s freezers are running low after a hectic summer serving up venison at high profile events like the Game Fair at Ragley. Now he’s after a fallow buck to replenish his stocks of healthy wild meat. For more information about the Bergara range of rifles – head to Cai Ap Bryn’s […]

Formula One’s Ross Brawn on clayshooting – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 83

Ross Brawn, managing director of one of today’s biggest spectator sports, Formula One, and a keen shooter, chatted with Charlie Jacoby in the Game Fair Theatre in July 2023. They talked about how to re-establish clayshooting to international greatness. This podcast is brought to you by the British Shooting Show, the UK’s largest gun show, […]

Win how-to-cook game tickets – Fieldsports Extra, episode 294

Play Video We are giving away two tickets at £115 each to a game seminar by super-game-chef José Souto. Plus the boss of Formula One Ross Brawn says how to make clayshooting great again, member Trevor Knowles takes me out deerstalking and Ollie Williams goes guinea-fowl shooting.This week’s prizes and other links:Find the Pellet-Pod on […]

Sako 90 vs 85: what’s the difference?

Sako rifles have always been known for their quality. Robin Shedden of Cluny Country Guns fondly remembers his Sako 75, which would put bullets into a thumbnail sized group at 180 yards every time. “That’s what you’re getting with Sako: quality,” he says. Since then we’ve seen the Sako 85 and now the 90, so […]

How to call in rutting moose

Swedish Lapland still has wild places, and that’s where Paul Childerley is headed with his guide Robert Magnstrom. We first met Robert when he took us capercaillie hunting in the snow. It was then he promised us a return trip to call in moose in the rut. Over the past 15 years he has worked […]

Fieldsports Britain – difficult moose

Paul Childerley returns to Swedish Lapland to hunt moose in the rut with the new Sako 90 Peak in .300 Win Mag. His guide Robert Magnstrom uses a roll of kitchen flooring to carry his grunts across vast areas of uninhabited wetlands – but will the moose be impressed? Meanwhile Ollie Williams enjoys a day […]

Ferreting and mental health – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 82

Simon Whitehead is a ferreter not a rockstar – but he is a ferreter with a public. He has suffered from the pressure. His new book, Pugs & Drummers, discusses not just ferreting but how ferreting saved his life. He explains it to Charlie Jacoby in the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre in July 2023. […]

Gamekeeper anger at politicians – Fieldsports News, 11 October 2023

Here are the links: Scottish gamekeepers sick of being ‘pawns’ – Scottish Gamekeepers Association Call for change to proposed Scottish snare ban –  Scottish Land and Estates Wales snare ban in force – Welsh Government, BASC North Yorks police investigate shot buzzard  – Facebook post Trout for the table? Spanish hunters go digital – EU […]

Brimpsfield Park Estate game shoot

Ollie Williams enjoys a day at Brimpsfield Park Estate in Gloucestershire. It’s a 350-bird mixed pheasant, partridge and duck driven shoot over four drives. For Eley-Hawk, visit For Brimpsfield Park Estate, contact Ben Hughes at Bruern Game Supplies, which you can find on Facebook  and Instagram – or visit the Brimpsfield Park Estate page […]

Win a Pellet-Pod – Fieldsports Extra, episode 293

Play Video We are giving away Pellet-Pods from a Fieldsports Nation member for your airgun pellets this week, plus Paul Childerley is filming the moose rut with David in Lapland, and Simon Whitehead talks about how ferreting is a kind of therapy. This week’s prizes and other links:Jack Pyke Sherpa Fleece gilet £36.95 and Sherpa fleece […]


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