BASC rejects Packham attack on shooting

Shooting organisation BASC has hit back at BBC TV presenter Chris Packham’s  attack on shooters and gamekeepers. BASC spokesman Garry Doolan says it is ‘ludicrous’ to suggest BASC encourages online abuse. He says: “We call out Chris Packham for his comments in The Times newspaper, where he admits that he is inciting and inflaming people […]

Busting rifle barrels – Fieldtester, episode 11 much damage can you do to a rifle before it blows up? We take a .243, .270 and a .308, and we do terrible things to them. First up, we shorten the barrel with an angle grinder (no crowning) and see what that does to accuracy. Then we try firing a rifle with a […]

How are your foxes doing, Tony Blair? – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 46 In 2004, Tony Blair restricted hunting with hounds because, he said, it was good for the welfare of the fox. Since then, some estimates put UK fox numbers down 40%. Former head of the League Against Cruel Sports Jim Barrington and journalist Richard Negus want to know if Blair was right or wrong. Plus […]

Hunts feel the heat – Fieldsports News, episode 620

Here are the links: Sabs step up attacks on hunts – ITV Is Packham ‘burning car’ for real? – Twitter Antis declare open season on UK country people RSPB lashes out at muirburn – RSPB [PDF] Goose lands on shooter – Facebook Camp Beagle costs £200,000 – Hunts Post Gamedealer faces planning battle – Horsham […]

Swarovski launches 2-in-1 thermal spotter and scope add-on

Swarovski has moved into the thermal market. Its new TM35 is an add-on that mounts on the front of your scope, and doubles up as a standalone spotter. Swarovski calls it a two-in-one device, offering both observation and shooting. The TM35 will be available from spring 2022 at a retail price of €4,800. That’s one-and-a-half […]

Swarovski EL Range TA binoculars with rangefinder and Tracking Assistant Tim Pilbeam reviews the Swarovski EL Range TA rangefinding binoculars with Tracking Assistant. They’re the world’s most technically advanced binoculars, with integrated bluetooth and GPS to connect with your phone and allow you to precisely track where you last saw that deer. Click here to watch Tim Pilbeam using the Swarovski EL Range TA […]

Eyeskey Eaglet HD 10×42 binoculars – review Can budget Chinese 10×42 binoculars be any good? James Marchington was sceptical – but he was surprised when he tried the Eaglet HD binos from Eyeskey. “These binoculars sell for under £70 so I wasn’t expecting much, but I’ve been very impressed,” he says. “It’s a fraction of what you would spend on a […]

Eyeskey Seeker Pro 10×42 monocular – review If you want the power of binoculars but don’t want the bulk and weight, a monocular could be the answer. It’s basically a small telescope you can slip in your pocket – half a pair of binoculars if you like. James Marchington has been looking at the Seeker Pro 10×42 monocular from the new, […]

Eyeskey Lightning Mini 10×25 pocket binoculars – review Have you ever decided to leave your binoculars behind, and then wished you hadn’t because you spotted something that really deserved a closer look? That’s why James Marchington likes to slip a small pair of binos in his pocket at all times. “They weight very little and don’t take up much space, so you […]

Harkila Retrieve jacket and trousers Professional gundog trainer Jason Mayhew is out in all weathers, so his number one requirement for clothing is it has to be waterproof. He’s been trialling the Härkila Retrieve jacket and trousers for the past year, and he’s impressed. It’s kept him dry in all types of weather. “I don’t need overtrousers. I just […]

Tweed – which is best, traditional or modern? Tweed has been the traditional choice for generations of stalkers and game shooters, and it still works as well as ever. It’s smart, warm and comfortable, and remarkably good at keeping out the wet although it will become heavy when waterlogged. There’s a modern alternative however – the lightweight, waterproof, stretchy, printed tweed suit. […]

Close-quarters sika stags

How do you whistle in a sika stag? It’s the sika rut in North-West Scotland. Deer manager John Dodd takes two guests out to stalk them. The guests have packed their rifles. Both of them are using Blaser R8. If you are planning a similar trip and  you pack two other vital accessories for woodland […]

Gerber hatchets and axes Gamekeeper and deer manager Paul Childerley finds a small axe or hatchet invaluable for everyday tasks like chopping kindling, felling small trees and even knocking in pegs and staples. Today, he’s demonstrating three from Gerber: the Back Paxe II, the Freescape Hatchet, and the Gator Combo II Axe & Saw. “There’s different lengths for […]

Gun-Lok shotgun security lock Gun-Lok is a pair of 12-bore sized security locks that fit into the chambers of your gun like snap-caps. A unique key allows you to lock them in place, making it impossible for a thief to use the gun. They don’t replace a security cabinet, but they’re a valuable extra safety measure whether at […]

.410 fun – Fieldsports Extra #189

We give away a .410, David Wright and Paul Childerley are flying helicopters around Sweden and He Li from Shooterking says how China will make Christmas worthwhile. Well, thank goodness.For the Gun-Lok, visit Multi-Lok.comHow to enter Fieldsports Nation competitions: for members on YouTube, Patreon and Facebook simply comment with your answer in the description below […]

Labour Party ‘too urban’ – Fieldsports News, episode 618 Here are the links:Labour Party ‘too urban’ admits politician – Countryside Alliance Shoots optimistic for the game season – GWCTSGA names Young Gamekeeper of the Year – FacebookAnglers demand DEFRA fix Britain’s ‘broken’ water sector – Angling TrustGovernment blows millions on gun amnesty scheme – Daily MailNature.Scot chief offers rewilding warning – Guardian Carbon-crazed Cairngorms authority […]

Fieldsports Britain – partridges on Insta Instagram star Dan Thor is out shooting early season partridges in glorious weather at The Grange Shoot in Essex. He’s brought along two Instagram chums, Fred Darnell and Andrew Bown, and he’s even livestreaming the action from the peg. Why does he do it, and is it even a good idea? Meanwhile, Ollie Williams […]

UK food shortages spark ‘game Christmas’ dream for some

“We need to be moving away from this convenience idea, moving away from going to a supermarket and buying asparagus all year round, etc,” says chef and writer Christopher Trotter. “We need to rethink the way we buy our food, the way we live on the land.” That’s the kind of thinking that keeps corporate […]

Win Gun-Lok security – Fieldsports Extra #188

We give away a Gun-Lok gun security, Ollie Williams talks about shooting deer at night, Paul Childerley previews his shooting season (disagrees with Ollie about shooting deer at night) and Ross Ewing from BASC says venison could be even more environmentally friendly.For the Gun-Lok, visit Multi-Lok.comHow to enter Fieldsports Nation competitions: for members on YouTube, […]

Antis put leak webinar evidence to a judge – Fieldsports News, 15 September 2021 Here are the links:Leaked Hunting Office webinar used in court against Master of Foxhounds – Guardian + YouTube‘Time-wasting’ council tries to stop trail hunts that don’t happen – Countryside AllianceFox complaints surge after toddler-snatching incident – Portsmouth NewsNature.Scot ends funding for Orkney goose management – Farming UKTrophy sales hold up well at auction – […]

White pheasants – what are they for? What are white pheasants? They are just ordinary pheasants that are albino – but they serve two important purposes in the countryside. They help gamekeepers find the other pheasants – and shooting them often incurs a fine for the shooter, which raises large sums for charity. Charlie Jacoby goes in search of the white […]

Lonely anti – Fieldsports Extra #187

We give away a Crosman 2300S air pistol, plus I talk to a sporting auctioneer and a TV chef.Click here for more about the Shooterking Venator rucksackFor more about Mitchell’s Antiques sale, go to to enter Fieldsports Nation competitions: for members on YouTube, Patreon and Facebook simply comment with your answer in the description […]

John Peel’s clock and other lots in Mitchell’s next Country Sporting Sale

Mitchell’s Antiques is holding its next Country Sporting Sale on 6-8 October 2021. Among top lots are a clock owned by the famous huntsman John Peel, a stuffed golden eagle, an Edwinson Green & Son shotgun and a photograph featuring big game hunter Sir Percy Wyndham. The sale also features a single-owner collection of some […]

Roy’s fox lamping result With foxes hitting local shoots, it’s time to bring out the rifle and lamp, and go after them. Roy Lupton does it the oldfashioned way this time, with little reliance on thermal spotters. It’s a good night – and it is, literally, ‘good night’ to two foxes. However, his team still had to learn […]

Win a £260 rucksack – Fieldsports Extra #186

We give away a Shooterking Venator rucksack. Plus David and Roy talk foxshooting (sort of) and I explain the share scheme.Click here for more about the Shooterking Venator rucksackClick here for the Browning trailcamFind the dancing deer film here How to enter Fieldsports Nation competitions: for members on YouTube, Patreon and Facebook simply comment with your […]

Gerber Randy Newberg knife and Suspension NXT Multi-Tool Paul Childerley explains why pocket knives and multi-tools have become an important part of is gamekeeping kit. He looks at the Randy Newberg knife and the Gerber Suspension NXT Multi-Tool, with stainless steel handles. For the Randy Newberg knife at £55, go to For the Suspension NXT Multi-Tool at £45, go to […]

Junior shooter Brody Woollard wins the British Open Sporting

Brody Woollard, a 20-year-old junior shot, fought his way to winning the coveted British Open Sporting Championship at EJ Churchill’s Swinton Shooting Ground near Masham in North Yorkshire on Sunday 5 September. It was a thrilling climax to the 2021 clay season. He beat the top names in the sport to take the title. No-one […]

How the RSPB’s hunt for stoats on Orkney is now a wild goose chase by Ben O’Rourke In 2010, stoats mysteriously turned up on Orkney, perhaps as stowaways on lorries carrying hay for farmers to feed their cattle in winter.  A single stoat invader was returned to mainland Scotland and released somewhere with “a suitable habitat and prey for stoats”, where it would not have a bad effect […]

Fieldsports Britain – wild goose song September means wildfowling. Charlie heads to one of the homes of the sport, the River Kent Estuary in Cumbria, managed for wildfowl by the Westmorland Wildfowlers Association. With geese coming in to roost on the sands and duck moving up and down the river, he is out on the banks of the Kent with […]

Win a Browning trailcam – Fieldsports Extra #185

We give away Eyeskey binos and the new prize draw is for a Browning trailcam. Plus I talk to a Westmorland wildfowler, there’s an update from the British Open  by James Marchington and Orkney gose guide Steve Rogers would like to say ‘thank you’.Click here for more about the Eyeskey Sky Trek binocularsClick here for […]

Prince Albert’s Lancasters

A pair of royal guns are up for sale at Gavin Gardiner’s auction  on 6 September 2021. The Charles Lancaster muzzle-loading 14-bores will appeal to a collector, says gun expert Diggory Hadoke of, and are guided at £30,000-£40,000. Diggory points out that a pair of hammer Stephen Grants made for Albert’s son, Bertie, Prince […]

Brocock bruschetta

Johnny Muston puts the Brocock Commander XR through its paces on a rabbit hunt, and cooks up a delicious rabbit bruschetta afterwards over an open fire. Find out about killing and cooking rabbits. For more about the Brocock Commander XR2, go to

Härkila’s new range of shooting and stalking boots If you think you know Härkila boots, think again. In 2021 they’ve come out with a brand new range that’s even better than before. “We’ve been making boots for seven or eight years now, and we’ve learned a lot in that time,” says Härkila’s Simon Esnouf. “The new boots are made in Europe, so […]

Seeland Avail stalking suit – review Gamekeeper and deer manager David Whitby has been trialling the new Avail stalking suit from Seeland – and he’s impressed.“It’s incredibly quiet to stalk in,” he says. “It’s fully waterproof, and a nice shade of green.” David adds that the suit is very versatile, “Perfect for stalking winter and summer really.” He’s been wearing […]