Browning B525 – what goes into it?


Browning calls its B525 series its ‘DNA’.  Perhaps ‘favourite grandchild’ is more accurate.

If you want to unlock that DNA, looks first at the B525’s locking system. There is a wide, flat bolt, under the chamber. There are two wide surfaces on the back of the hooks, which contact the bottom of the receiver. And Browning has its hinge pin. The contact surface area is worth comparing to other shotguns.

B525 Shadow


Is the B525 a heavy gun? No, says Browning head of shotguns Lionel Neuville. Wood may be heavier. There may be a difference in balance with other guns – partly because the hook below the receiver is lower than on other guns – but, he says, weigh them. The B525 is as light as any popular gun

It is up to the favourite grandchild to carry forward the family DNA, so maybe the B525 is exactly what Browning says it is.


Is the B525 a heavy gun? Browning’s head of shotguns answers the charge.


A surprise success for the B525 range in 2019 was the B525 Laminated Adjustable. In this film, Browning head of shotguns Lionel Neuville admits that the gun sold four times as many as he expected, especially in Scandinavian countries where shooters love wood, but they know that ordinary wood may not survive their extremes of temperature.


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