Browning’s new BAR 4X semi-auto rifle

Browning has unveiled the latest version of its hugely successful Browning Automatic Rifle, the BAR 4X, which promises improved accuracy and a modular sighting system so you can personalise the rifle to your needs. It comes in four grades of finish, with a choice of engraving, stock shapes and wood, magazines, open and reflex sights, or scope rails.

An online ‘configurator’ allows you to pick from the options and build your ideal rifle. Prices start at just under €2,000 for the basic BAR 4X Hunter model, and go to more than €4,000 for a BAR 4X Platinum with G4 Bavarian wood stock and K1 reflex sight.

The gun comes in a range of finishes, from the plain black Hunter to deeply engraved Platinum

The modern sporting Browning Automatic Rifle evolved from the BAR M1918, designed by John Moses Browning and issued to US troops in WW1. John Moses’ grandson, Bruce Browning, worked on the semi-auto hunting rifle that was launched in 1966 and proved popular with American and European hunters alike. The gun has developed through a series of models, each bringing mechanical and aesthetic improvements. It is renowned for reliability, accuracy and smooth recoil.

Semi-auto rifles are rarely used for stalking in the UK, largely for reasons of culture and tradition, but the BAR models are often chosen by UK hunters travelling abroad for driven boar and deer. The low recoil, fast cycling and choice of sights make the new BAR 4X particularly well suited to this type of hunting.

The BAR cocking knob has been redesigned in the 4X, making it easier to operate in any conditions

The new model has an improved hand-cocking system, with a knob to the rear of the receiver, which falls easily under the thumb. The knob is larger than on previous models, and has a travel that is 25% less than before., making it easier to operate.

Browning say the BAR 4X is even more accurate than its predecessors, thanks to a new barrel thread assembly, a more solid receiver-to-barrel connection and larger bearing surfaces. The barrels are threaded so you can add a moderator or muzzle brake if required.

The muzzle is threaded so you can quickly change the foresight and add a moderator if required

The new BAR 4X comes in a choice of calibres: .308 Win, 30-06 Spr, .300 Win Mag or 9.3 x 62.

Design your ideal BAR 4X rifle with the Browning configurator.

Find out more about the current range of BAR rifles at

Click here to watch Browning’s video presentation of the BAR 4X.

From top: Browning BAR 4X Hunter, Elite, Ultimate and Platinum

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