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Sea Angling Classic 2024

It’s all the action from the 2024 Sea Angling Classic, an international fishing event combining a major sea angling competition, conservation, and environmental initiatives, education, and research, while introducing a whole new generation to the sport of angling. It took place from Wednesday to Sunday, 20-23 June 2024, out of  Premier Marina Port Solent, and offered the largest prize table of any event of its kind in the UK – worth in excess of £100,000 including a fabulous fully rigged Extreme 646 Game King boat and SBS trailer. Find out who won it…

Police grab air rifles from pest controller and charge him

Professional pest controller Daniel Maddock has lost the tools of his trade and denied, for the moment at least, permission to own another. After applying for a firearms certificate in January 2024, because his boss wanted him to start taking on deer management jobs, he had a home visit by two officers from Police Scotland. He thought they were there to assess his security. Instead, they had come to charge him for ‘lying’ on his medical records.

NatureScot’s ‘grousemoor portal’ opens – Fieldsports News, 17 July 2024

Scottish government begins moorland licensing scheme – Nature.Scot
Starmer government drops trail-hunting and trophy imports ban – no mention in King’s Speech – Westminster government
17-year-old wins DTL world champs – CPSA results
Hunting Kind fires up morale for hound sports –
Arms co buys clayground – Newark Advertiser
Anti attacks on Aussie duckhunters on the rise – Victoria Game Management Authority + Weekly Times Now
Dutch wolves attack dog and child – + + Instagram +
Cull response to bear attacks – + BBC + YouTube
Angler hits drone – Telegram

British Shooting Show 2024 Part one ⬆️ More than 2,000 brands under one roof, tens of thousands of visitors, shooting sports at the heart of the NEC in


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