Andrew Venables

On Test: Barnes Varmint Grenade

  Andrew Venables has cooked up what he reckons is the perfect copper varminting cartridge, using the Barnes Varmint Grenade. He looks at how the

Copper bullets and meat damage

Copper bullets and meat damage

Meat damage is one of Andrew Venables’ primary reasons to move away from lead bullets. For him, the argument revolves around weight retention. “You’ve seen

Copper bullets and clean kills

  Like every ethical hunter in the Western World, Andrew Venables wants a clean kill. The firearms expert reckons the bullet that does that best

How Mauser Made a 1,000m Rifle

How Mauser Made a 1000m Rifle

When a customer complained to Mauser that its M12 rifle is ‘not fit for purpose’, Mauser’s Robert Sajitz wanted to know why. What is wrong?

First Look: Sauer 404

First Look: Sauer 404

We go up to a long-distance range in West Wales to look at the new Sauer 404. Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam and Chris Chapman


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