Hywel Morgan

Fly fishing for Aberdovey Bass

Hywel goes out on Mat Rickard’s boat Mia Moo from Aberdovey with the intention of trying fly fishing for bass but due to weather Hywel

Wye & Usk Foundation

The future of our rivers rests heavy on the custodians that take on the protection of these environments. It’s not just about putting more fish

Build a rod + Catch a fish

World champion fly fisherman Hywel Morgan finds himself up against another Veniards 120 challenge. This time, instead of having to tie flies and catch a

Civilised evening rise

Trout fishing with dry fly on a small stillwater is the perfect way to relax. So why not join world champion fly caster Hywel Morgan

Hywel Morgan

The Wizard of the Welsh Hills, Hywel Morgan charms fish and viewers in Fishing Britain, our monthly fishing show. He travels all over the country

Salmon Fishing in Style

Salmon Fishing in Style

World class Fly fisherman Hywel Morgan has taken his long suffering wife Debbie to one of the most luxurious fishing lodges in Iceland called West

Epic Iceland: New Trout River

Imagine crystal clear running rivers filled with large wild brown trout and an almost unspoilt landscape (apart from a tepee and your friends). What better

Salmon Fly Challenge

Salmon Fly Challenge

Two hours to tie flies and catch a trout is one thing – but to catch a salmon? Is this too much of a challenge

24hr Pike Race

24 hrs to catch a pike for a fisherman may seem like an easy task, but for a camera man with a fishing rod, reel,

120 Challenge Draycote

120 Challenge Draycote

Hywel Morgan takes on the Veniards 120 Challenge on the large water that is Draycote in Rugby. He has 2 hours to open a mystery

Rugby star loves his pike fishing

Rugby star loves his pike fishing

We are catching fish in the UK’s most exclusive predator water, with a chance of pike, barbel, salmon, sea trout, perch and mullet. Hywel Morgan

Stinky Stuff test on trout

Additives on Flies? Do trout have an appetite? Fishing Britain took some StinkyStuff original additive to Big Well fishery to try this miracle attracter on

How to Trout Whisper – Fishing Britain

How to Trout Whisper

You won’t believe what the trout whisperer does to guarantee a take. Try it yourself and let us know how you get on.

Fishing with your daughter

Wet and wild weather in south wales and Hywel Morgan challenges his daughter to a comp with high stakes. For more on Garnffrwd Fishery visit


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