Mark Winser

Pigeons over January Rape

Mark Winser joins Andy Crow to shoot pigeons on the farm in Kent. The birds are coming in hard on the oilseed rape crop and

Bloopers 2016

Work with people like Roy, Crow and the rest, and it’s not all going to go according to plan. And it doesn’t. Here is where

The Essex Gun Masters 2016

This competition just gets bigger and bigger with a £42,500 prize pot and 2000 competitive shots heading to the Hepworth Hall Shooting Ground. We chat

Winser on Corvids

Winser on Corvids

It’s a big day shooting corvids with Mark Winser and Andy Crow. They take one end of the cattle farm each. This film was first

Crow’s on the geese

Crow’s on the geese

Andy Crow is fed up with the geese mucking up his fields, so he doesn’t just grab his shotgun – he calls one of the

Winser vs Crow

Top clay shot Mark Winser goes up against Andy Crow in a shoot out at the CLA Game Fair 2015. Find out who wins –


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