Carp fishing

Carp and barbel with Jan Porter

We’re groundbaiting and stalking carp and barbel at Bishops Bowl Fishery in Warwickshire with Jan Porter, one of the top coarse anglers of today and

Underwater Filming of Big Carp

Underwater Filming of Big Carp

Dive beneath the water with Fishing Britain’s ROVTV and spy on some of the inhabitants that lurk in the depths. With some surprising finds, Richard

Carp Angling Experts

Park lakes and urban fishing are all the rage in social carp circles at the moment. Who else to get us out on the bank

Bouncing Boilie Bomb

Richard Chapman is at it again with his underwater look at spodding and spombing in ROVTV, but how does the distribution patterns of each compare

Sholling Carp under Snags

Sholling Carp under Snags

We’re out after carp with our submarine camera and fishing rod, seeing just how they behave when you drop bait for them in cold conditions.

Leaky carp lakes

At Higher farm fisheries, owner Robert Dimond has a problem pond and he is going to have to empty it to repair the leaks. Using

How do Spods and Spombs work

How do Spods and Spombs work

Carp anglers: take a look from the fish’s point of view and see how spods and spombs deliver your bait. It’s ROVTV. This item first


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