Shot Show 2019

Shot Show 2019

Charlie Jacoby looks out for new and spectacular hunting and shooting kit at the 2019 ShotShow, including: ▶ Winchester Extreme Point Copper Impact ammunition ▶

Rifle skills

150 people came to the The Blaser/Mauser/Sauer/Minox skills day at Braces’ range just south of Bristol. They learned about how to shoot off sticks, how

British Shooting Show, NEC 2018

Shooting sports owned the NEC for three days in February 2018. The British Shooting Show saw tens of thousands of visitors come through the doors

On Test: Mauser M18

Tim Pilbeam puts on a German hat and climbs into a German car to discuss the merits of this new rifle by German gunmaker Mauser.

On Test: Mauser M12

The Mauser M12 has rapidly become one of the most popular sporting rifles in the UK. We take two versions of it out after roe

How Mauser Made a 1,000m Rifle

How Mauser Made a 1000m Rifle

When a customer complained to Mauser that its M12 rifle is ‘not fit for purpose’, Mauser’s Robert Sajitz wanted to know why. What is wrong?


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